Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Satori: Enlighten Your Brain

Nirvana, Satori, Samadhi - the apex of human experience; but the question remains, how do we achieve these blissful states of enlightenment? Is it through years of spiritual practice and study or can we find bliss now by the simple act of stimulating our amygdala with positive imagery? According to a diverse body of research both ancient and contemporary, we can, in fact, do just that.

By self-stimulating our frontal lobes, the most advanced part of the brain, we can shift our capacity for creative intelligence to an off-the-chart degree. This stimulation can occur as a result of simple exercises during which we charge our amygdala using certain visualizations. A good way to test how prominently our frontal lobes are operating in our lives is by checking our emotional state. According to brain scientists, when we are experiencing fear, self-doubt, sadness and negativity, this area of our brain is turned off. "When positive emotion is low, advanced brain function is low. Negative emotion (fear, anger, depression, boredom) is a warning signal. Positive emotion (happiness, joy, love) is a built-in reward mechanism to encourage us to keep our frontal lobe circuits open. This is nature's method for encouraging further evolution of mankind's consciousness." Rev. Mary Hardy, PhD.

In looking more closely at our brains, we find that there is not just one amygdala, but two, on either side of our forehead, each with a posterior and anterior region. Activity in the back region of the amygdala relates to fear based responses and negative impressions, whilst the forward region being stimulated correlates with heightened pleasure, expanded creative power and higher consciousness.

Those of us with environmental illnesses have inadvertently wired our posterior amygdala on a toxic circuit of hyper-vigilant reactivity to chemicals and intense negative mental/emotional programming. We are, in effect, experiencing the worse features of a very powerful organ which is designed to be triggered by our senses, particularly our sense of smell. According to research by T. D. A. Lingo, "we understand that the olfactory bulbs stimulate the amygdala gland through smell and activate the frontal lobes of the brain - transcending space, time, energy and matter through consciousness." Somewhere along the way for EI sufferers, a strong chemical exposure got encoded in our brains as toxic and caused our system to go haywire, mis-firing the posterior amygdala and over-stimulating our immune system, long after the acute danger had disappeared.

Knowing this, we can immediately see how mixed-up the communication has really become between our sense of smell, our emotions and thoughts, and our keen-eyed amygdala. And just as immediately, we can see the avenue to resolving this dilemma for good. To instantly decide to take all thought and attention off of the posterior amygdala (fear, anxiety, worry) and give our entire self over to the "charging of our frontal lobes," is the clear and present key to a complete and sustained cure for environmental illness - and the beginning of an absolute transcendent experience of life, in general. This is not just some kind of "magic" happening in the brain; during experiments where subjects' brains were electrically monitored, a substantial lighting up of the frontal lobes was evident during amygdala self-stimulation.

Two very simple exercises have been offered by one of the pioneering researchers in amygdala stimulation,  Neil Slade, and I have personally had amazing healing results with each. I feel that these exercises instantly bypass all the seemingly hard-wired brain channels which lead to multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. Since we know the amygdala is intricately connected with the olfalctory sense, and that chemical odors trigger EI related symptoms, how about we stimulate the anterior amygdala by simply imagining an aroma we love while simultaneously seeing our front temples (seat of the anterior amygdala) being tickled by two feathers. Sounds quirky, I know, but I've tried it and it works immediately to shift both the intense chemical odor and the emotional drama created by the mind. And get this, it doesn't stop there. As physical symptoms are relieved and the body relaxes, a feeling of euphoria awaits just around the corner from this practice and increases over time!

The next exercise is to imagine a great source of light, God - the Universe, soaring down through the top of your head like a laser and splitting into two directions out through your left and right temples. Apparently, it is normal to actually feel a click inside when you have successfully 'turned on' your anterior amygdala. You can then play with increasing the intensity of the light as it moves through your frontal lobes. I have found the most incredibly blissful states arising from this practice, not to mention the instant relief from any and all EI symptoms, e.g., headaches, muscle pain, brain fog, nausea, etc. My sense of smell shifts in the most miraculous ways, with an immediate ability to catch whatever glorious scent is on the air, as if the charged amygdala, itself, begins to relax its defense and allow space for a joyous interaction with the atmosphere instead of a fight or flight response. It is truly an enlightening experience.
I believe those of us in the MCS, CFS, Environmental Illness community are the *wayshowers. We are the guides for the rest of humanity into the inner realms of our true selves. Our being hyper-sensitive is actually due to a hyper-powerful nature. We have the ability to tap into the synergy between thought and experience in profoundly acute ways. We sense what is below the radar of mass consciousness, giving us a portal into the spiritual dimension, the formless. Once we come to terms with our dis-ease, we realize it as a blessing - to enlighten us into our present power to make each and every moment our very own creation.
Contrary to the typical understanding of ourselves as canaries in a coal mine, I believe we are in fact star people on the precipice of the evolution of human consciousness. Let us take up our charge and heal the distorted world of human thinking.

*Wayshower - "A spiritually enlightened being who has the capacity to lead humanity through a process of spiritual development.  Some traditions believe that Jesus was the Wayshower."

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