Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beach Yoga

There's nothing like doing yoga on the sand whilst the sound of ocean waves rushing upon the shore lull you in the background. Yoga possesses such a fascinating ability to revive and relax you at the same time. And the strength, agility and poise it builds, through consistent daily practice, is unmatched in any other fitness discipline. The headstand pose, one of my favorites, is a terrific way to build your core muscles, strengthen your spine and create deep levels of relaxation and peace.

You can easily work up to this asana by resting on your head a few minutes a day and then slowly lifting your legs with the support of a wall behind you. In time, your body will be able to support itself upside down almost as easily as it does right side up! For an anti-aging exercise, a daily headstand can't be beat. All those muscles, organs and tissues that have to fight the effects of gravity every day get a much needed turn around. And what better place than the beach to explore the fountain of youth, with the negative ions misting in from the sea water to bathe your hard-working body in pure essence energy.

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