Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pure Lagos

Time to do a little shopping in support of local business, African fair-trade goods and holistic healing!
Come on over to Selden Market and find your Nirvana through handmade goods, artisanal crafts, natural healing and high frequency vibes.

We offer a curated selection of inspiring goods from all over Africa. There are Ankara upholstered furniture, Moringa straight from the continent and pure/raw Sandalwood and Frankincense.

Take a look at this golden elixir, our pure Frankincense Resin from Nigeria. Purifies your space like Sage and Palo Santo~

We lovingly provide healing Tarot readings for guidance in all areas of your life and self expression. Check out our Groupon for half off on an introductory reading. Our resident Healer, Sia Alexander, will walk you through all manner of Self - Transformation and Expansion.

So much goodness is awaiting you here at Pure_Lagos and Heal Love Now. Make a point to come and recieve!

We also have luxurious and stunning art works brought over from Nigeria. More than 50 Lagosian artist participate in our collective and produce amazing pieces that we joyfully share with you.

Surprise! Yep, we've got books for you too. New York Times Best-Selling books to be exact. Fancy a Newberry Medal Awarded novel for National Poetry Month. Our shelves are stacked with them. See ya soon~


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