Saturday, June 28, 2014


Being in touch with the earth physically is so uplifting for our minds and spirits. It is surprising to me how many months can go by without my having direct one on one moments with our Mother Earth. So vital to our health and longevity, our sanity even, is an activity which is now called, "earthing." Basically, what our ancestors have been doing for millenia, we have to start doing again - sitting, standing and walking barefoot on precious dirt, sand or grass. Sadly, our modern culture precludes this possibility in a normal day for the average person, and it could very well be the reason why so many are ill, unbalanced and depressed. We are electromagnetic beings living on an electrical planet and there is a symbiotic relationship which yearns to be nurtured. We give our full presence to Mother Earth and she gives back to us energetically, in turn. Her positively charged energy helps keep us grounded psychologically, boosts our immune system and physical vitality, and helps to attune our spiritual faculty to that of the Divine. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Essence of Love

Doterra essential therapeutic grade oils are like love essence in a bottle. I absolutely adore the pure, harmonious, healing scent of each wonderful essence. The fact that they are suitable for ingestion only makes the allure of these aromatherapy gems more compelling. It is exactly as God intended I believe, for us to utilize the best and highest quality of what nature has to offer, in order to purify our bodies and our spirits. Please avail yourself of these amazing natural medicinal cures and experience love in essence.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wheatgrass Shots

Wheatgrass shots daily will change your life! Pair them with fresh, young, Thai, organic coconuts and you will become a superhero. Puree Juice Bar in Washington DC is an awesome place to get these superfoods, and after your first week of indulgence, I assure you - mind, body and soul - things will never be the same.


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