Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7 Day Water Fast

Fasting for 7 days is like creating the world inside your body all over again. You totally renew yourself during this period and your mind, body and spirit are completely re-made. I humbly made it through each painstaking day drinking only reverse osmosis filtered water and came out on the other side of a very long week, a totally new being. Well, almost. I am still me, but somehow younger, clearer, more peaceful and happier. Food tasted different and new after my fast. A sliver of watermelon on the break-fast of my 8th day was like a royal meal.

I am now so much more appreciate of food, the act of eating and the quality of my body's digestion. For those first few days after the fast, I could feel each morsel of food as it integrated with my inner body. I truly understood that, "you are what you eat." I was fresh and new and each bite of food was making me up again, forming me. I highly recommend fasting as a spiritual and physical and emotional healer. Without herbs, vitamins or minerals from outside sources, my body's own intelligence mended itself. Without instruction from without, my body knew just what it needed to do for balance and wholeness.

So many of my ailments just got better as each non-eating day progressed. I healed and no one, nothing, helped me. And like God creating the heavens and the earth, I was put together by unseen hands. Before fasting, I was fatigued, allergic and irritable after a whirlwind trip from Florida to New York to West Africa and back. During and after I became very light, joyful and effortless. I floated through the days, although not without a price. The price being the excitement and thrill of eating, the overall stimulation food provides and the incessant boredom of watery days that took its place. Yes, water fasting is a challenge. One thing that kept me going was the wonderful findings of Maseru Emoto on the power of water which has been blessed with positive intentions. Through some of the toughest struggles to resist breaking the fast, I found peace in knowing I was filled with divinely inspired water crystals!

But, oh, the glory of food and drink imbibed after my fast. The pleasure of pure coconut water was unmatched.

Fresh coconuts can easily satisfy as meals for the week after a water fast.

And I dutifully enjoyed the fresh elixir as I reawakened my digestive system from its slumber. Many suggest fasting with the help of a trained specialist or healer. In my case, Divine wisdom was my guide. I simply listened to my body's deepest messages. I slept when it said lie down, drank water when my stomach churned with old undigested toxins, and meditated when it ventured to process all the emotional baggage linked in with substances my body wanted to rid itself of. I spent a great deal of time reading, doing simple yoga poses, appreciating nature and even a few nights camping on the beach

and another few, tiny house camping.

I came to more deeply understand that life is a gift, a simple pure and perfect reward for being who I am, what we are. Pure Spirit. And so I was, in a way, born again.


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