Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nothing Real Can be Lost…

Check out my video on finding my lost wallet after two weeks missing in NYC! A true miracle ~

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Afropolitan Art Garden & Farmers Market


Pure Lagos African Art Gallery in collaboration with Edible Forest and Heal Love Now Farm is poised to feed the community with good vibes, good food and amazing art. On saturdays in the summer and Tuesday nights during the cooler months, we can be found at 251 W Bute Street jamming on Afrobeat drums and jerking salmon and veggies on the grill. 

Thelonius, our master Edible Forest farmer and cob house builder is always bringing us spectacular produce, Ginger switchel and Hibiscus jam; and we love sharing it with You! Join us as the sun goes down when we cook together Afropolitan style on the grill using our fresh produce in creative ways. 

Fresh basil pesto and raw cashew cheese is great with arugula salad greens and curry Jamaican shrimp. 

You can order your veggie boxes online with Edible Forest to pickup on Saturday; and come hang out with us in the back yard or front stoop whilst we listen to Fela Kuti, practice drumming the djembes, and playing mancala with the youth.

So much creativity awaits you here from good to art to music to fashion to vibes…

Come paint a masterpiece, sample some Ethiopian food and pick some flowers too…

We are here to serve up the best of Afropolitan culture to enlighten and inspire all the community ~

During the summer we’re open all day on Saturday and in the fall we move to Tuesday evenings after sunset. We also deliver free produce to Baraud Park, Calvert Park and Olde Huntersville in the summer on Sunday evenings. Bikes are also available for sliding scale rental. 


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