Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dream Box

I found such a wonderful little treasure at one of our favorite thrift shops, several weeks ago. I am a frequent shopper there and have a special card that gives me one free gift after 10 purchases. I love spending my money to support this shop as they train and employ autistic adults and it feels good to contribute to such a worthy cause. Plus, they always have neat little things to spark the imagination and add spice to life. On this particular visit, my daughter bought some books and I got some scarves.

After paying and on my way out, I spotted this tiny wooden box with engraving on the lid. I picked it up and noticed a message written on a slip of paper defining it as a "Dream Box."

I was so enthralled by the simple beauty of it and its whimsical name. I decided to buy it. When I approached the owner, she said it was mine to keep, as it was my free gift. I was elated and my daughter, too! We set off for home to put our latest dreams down on paper and snuggled it into this cozy box. Would you believe me if I told you that within just one week our dreams began to materialize! It's magic!

We got the serendiptous spark to take a road trip along the East Coast with our final destination being a long-term stay in Florida. We had the pleasure of exploring Hilton Head Island, Savannah, GA and the Space Coast of Florida and on the road we got a glimpse of one of the most beautiful skies either of us has ever seen. My daughter said it looked like God reaching out to us. We were both so moved.

Moving on down to the Palm Coast, we found an awesome art school where we signed up for classes in some of our dream hobbies, i.e. pottery, sewing, painting and  photography. 

In Orlando, my daughter was able to experience a dynamic dream of her's - to explore Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. She has read every one of the books at least 10 times each and knows all there is to know about this boy wizard. Walking through the gates leading to Hogsmead, she was filled with elation and even I was captivated by the wonder of the place. She even braved the 90 degree heat wearing her Harry Potter gear.

That devotion didn't last for long however, and by the time the Hogwarts Castle was in view, she had shed all but the plaid uniform.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a dream meal at the Green Room Cafe in Cocoa Beach, Fl. I would say this was the best dinner we have had out in several months. The fresh squeezed kale, carrot and beet juice was outstanding, as was the hummous/taboulleh salad. My daughter had a delicious wrap with all manner of organic veggies and rice and beans. I love this place!

The main themes of my dream box contents were centered around a new home, the color blue, the tropical sun, the ocean and last but not least, Love. I put tiny pictures inside and wrote down simple, pure visions. Here are some of the real life manifestations that have come my way since clearly formulating these dreams. 

Welcome home to my new blue door!

And see the magnificent sun-drenched palms that greet us just outside this door!

And of course, the magnificent ocean nearby with clear signs of Love on the horizon.

Without a doubt, if you can dream it, you can achieve it!


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