Thursday, January 16, 2014

Peaceful Yoga and Longevity

Bringing peace into one's daily life is integral to health, harmony and longevity. A whole day filled with activity, interaction and communication must be grounded in a calm serenity in order for it to serve our souls. Yoga poses are direct ways to tap into our inner peace and align our daily lives with presence. Like trees that sway in the wind, weather sudden storms and take the heat of the bountiful sun, we can be solid, still and unwavering amidst the chaos of the world. This centered way of approaching life will enable us to live long and healthy lives, filled with contentment and joy.

Two ideal nutritional supplements to help enhance the natural rhythms of our body are the bio-available Vitamin C from HealthForce Nutritionals or the Earth Vitamineral powder. These Truganic, energetically enhanced formulas are infinitely more potent than the standard pill vitamins on the market, giving you the life- force your body, mind and spirit crave.

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