Thursday, January 23, 2014

Supreme Healing Part 2

What if you could tell your body to stop being allergic to chocolate and it listened? And if you could admonish your heart rate to slow down after mold exposure, ask candida to retreat back to its balanced state within your intestines, command your myopic eyes to see straight again?  What if you simply imagined taking the highest quality spirulina in order to experience the actual affects of this chlorophyll-rich alkalizing fluid coursing through your veins? What if you could have your cake and eat it too?

What if you could talk to money about how much you want of it, when it will show up and with what degree of effort? Supposing you could instruct your house to shine on the market, selling quickly or your mortgage to be magnetic to its own substantial supply? Have you ever thought to communicate with your dying plant intently about manifesting what it needs to prosper, encouraging your car to make it the next 20 miles on that empty tank, or knowing that the impossible rift between you and your ex can be erased with one pure thought?

Do you realize your power? Are you aware that you are in total control and there are no limitations to what you can accomplish right now? Do you see that the groove of "I can't do it," imprinted on your neural pathways, ingrained in your mind, is the only thing stopping you from moving mountains? You created each and every mountain. Every limitation to which you seemingly fall prey is of your own making. You used to know your power, and did move that mountain before you. Now you call the mountain impossible and impact every experience of your life on earth with this lie. The mountain is an illusion...

I am gently nudging you with the truth. Wake up~

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