Monday, January 13, 2014

Supreme Healing of the Diseased Mind

What if you could, had the power, and set forth the intention to train your mind to accept whatever you told it? Say, if your mind were like your child and listened intently to your every word and bought it all - lock, stock and barrel. Imagine the influence you would have in word, thought and deed, the ability to totally program your mind with the perfect, whole and abundant messages chosen by you according to your highest ideals. Well, based on the current scientific findings in brain chemistry, quantum physics and neural-plasticity, as well as the age-old wisdom of mystic sages, this power is in fact yours. It is time we took the roof off the human mind. "The sky is not the limit."

Are you prepared to acknowledge that your beliefs about a thing are 99.9% of the substance that makes it real? Could it be when you believe in toxic chemicals, cancerous cells, and depleted bank accounts you actually, of your own power, make these real for you in your experience. Could your world be neutral, waiting to follow your lead? The very fact that your life mimics your expectations is likely proof positive that you are the creator! Your nose runs when you "catch a cold," your money is short because it doesn't "grow on trees," and your relationships always go sour after that "six-month mark," simply because your obedient mind is only following your instructions and bringing forth experientially what you mentally create. Have you forgotten that you are a steward of infinity? Might you have misnamed your power and called it weakness. It seems the magnificence of you has been diverted, tripping over its luminous rays of light into a dizzying mis-creation. You are Power, remember?

You believe in a vitamin's effectiveness when you take and it works to the degree of your belief. Ever tried imagining you took a vitamin C and watching how your body responds as if? Tryed viewing an extra surcharge on your utility bill as a gift you gave to God and watching the increase flow. Ok, so this is beginning to make sense. It is resonating somewhere in you. I can feel it. It is even becoming obvious that you can do this. Now the question becomes, who is this you that does the opposite? And why is this you sending such limited programs to your mind and allowing them to manifest through your body and into your life experience?  Because this you is God, only stepped down to the lowest common denominator, the Supreme Self disconnected from its origins, The Creator who has forgotten itself, falsely identifying as the created. You, in losing sight of your divine Self, have bought into a world of limiting beliefs and perpetuated this faulty world unknowingly. Know thyself, I exhort.

It is, very clearly, a case of mistaken identity. You would not keep from your precious child a garden full of apples, knowing that this abundant place was yours to share. You would not deny them a cool fountain of crystalline waters to quench their thirst when you were the sole owner of the pristine land upon which this well had sprung. You would constantly venture to show them the beauty and love around them, as this very same glory poured out upon you daily, boundlessly. You would tell them wonderful stories, give them high-minded advice, reveal to them the greatest secrets to mastering the awe-inspiring feats you yourself were continuously accomplishing. Yes, you would give them the very best of your words, actions and thoughts, because you would understand that your presence was all-powerful and transcendent and what better else could you, would you, offer them.

Your mind and the body it expresses upon is your child. You are the all-powerful parent of it, by virtue of the living God within. The beneficient Creator. The fount of Love. Take back your Divine power. Imagine the very best of what you can conjure up and tell it to your mind and with all your heart believe it as true and real and act as if it is already done. For you are the Doer! If you say it, so shall it be done. Stop right now this moment saying things, thinking things, acting in ways that are not consistent with perfection, joy and wholeness. This will set you free from the false you who's lost its way and all its attendant sacrifices. The God in you will well up so magnificently, that all creation will come to meet it in humble acquiesence.

Let your highest Self stretch and unfold into its grand Being. Imagine yourself absorbing God essence all around you, for this is the Truth. Let every breath you take be as healing as the most expensive vitamins, every sound you hear sing the most melodic symphony, allow all sights to shine as pure visions of light and grace and acknowledge every encounter as a meeting with angels. Do this deliberately, constantly. Embrace the infinity of abundance and see money as always free and available through the direct action of the Highest Being within you.

Forget about the chemicals, toxins, diseases, disorders, crimes, wars, destruction, chaos and suffering that we alone have created in our misguided imaginations, as our false selves. These problems can only be solved through our releasing them, our discontinuing to tell that story to our children - our impressionable minds. It is time to tell the story of our realization of the perfect order that has always been at hand. We are the grand Creators, with the power to make this body and this earth exactly as we imagine it to be. So, it is time now that we put down the sword and remember who we are, whispering with calm authority, "wake up my child, your are free now...."

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