Thursday, January 9, 2014

Healing Chemical Sensitivity

So many of us are at our limit of chemical exposure. Our bodies have been nearly overcome with the effort to detoxify the onslaught of toxic additives, preservatives and chemicals added to our food, water and the everyday products we use. For those with multiple chemical sensitivity, life can become a constant battle where we are forced into being exposed to substances/odors that our systems can no longer tolerate. As a result, autoimmune diseased states take root in our bodies and we end up suffering with MCS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other debilitating conditions. Thankfully, the earth, our beloved Mother Nature, has provided us with antidotes to these harsh man-made chemicals which wreak havoc on us daily. Here are a few of the most potent and effective remedies that I have explored recently.

Fulvic Acid is made from rock deposits deep in the earth that were formed millions of years ago. This healing clay-like compound has a profound effect on the body's ability to clear itself of heavy metals and other toxic residue. As a result, the total chemical load on the body is lessened leaving it more energy to detoxify everyday chemical exposure. In using this ionic mineral, I have experienced increased restful sleep, less sensitivity to perfumes and paint fumes, a balancing of the thyroid and clearer vision. For any swelling in the thyroid gland, Fulvic Acid is an incredibly effective cure when all else has failed. It is a great alternative to thyroid medication or surgery for goiter.

Cordyceps, a wild mushroom, is an incredible antioxidant and has the effect of bringing more oxygen to the cells of the body . In taking this supplement, I immediately felt increased energy, stamina and flexibility - especially when doing my daily yoga. Muscle tightness and soreness was greatly alleviated and in riding my bike, going up hills took less physical effort and strain. For the first few days, I did have a slight herxheimer reaction with subtle flu-like symptoms, but afterwards I felt so much lighter and clearer with more tolerance for cold, better digestion of wheat/dairy and sparkling, smooth skin.

Black Walnut/Wormwood tincture is excellent for cleansing the body of candida overgrowth and parasitic infection. These conditions hamper the immune system, cause food allergies, clog the intestines and induce hyper-sensitivity to chemicals in the environment. Once the herbs begin to rebalance the intestinal flora, the body can then start to effectively detoxify excess foreign toxins. Cloves are also added to the mix as they eliminate parasitic eggs that lay dormant in the system and recolonize after the mature yeasts have been eradicated.

In working with all these healing substances, the body can be given a strong line of defense against the cancer-causing chemicals that are seemingly everywhere these days.

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