Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cosmic Sex

When clarity of mind bursts forth from the constraints of human conditioning and encounters divine understanding, the synergy created is a deep and utterly transformational reunion with Self. In this reunion, a rising above the density of material existence is felt and the soul is set free into bliss. Free to surrender all but the loftiest notions of goodness, perfection and love. As the soul travels on this journey of oneness and alights in the orgasmic interplay with the highest realm, all the universe delights in ecstatic transcendence. The human mind is made whole again as it dissolves into the One mind. The All self unites and permeates the very essence of our being. We become complete, we heal, all problems are released and Grace alone prevails.

The crystal palace that shimmers between our old and new mind lights the way to the daily evolution of our small self. It is the sacred center of our being where we know God. Pouring forth the elixir of heaven, the ambrosia of angelic rapture, this mystical life center quenches the longing of our separate self, impregnating our core with Divine consciousness; and we ascend. We move past fear and sickness, overcome poverty and pain and rejoice in a new found integration with all that we truly are. The merging of the Essence self with that which was seemingly separate, is the sublime act of cosmic sexual union. "One becomes lucid within the dream of life and life is revealed to be a dream."*

After coming into perfect harmony with the Divine self, we receive the holy grail of communion and realize how empty we have been before this climactic moment.  In fullness, now, we soar with our hand on the philosopher's stone, not to hoard or contain it but to unleash its passionate promise unto the entire universe. In profound joy, we go forth vibrating in unison with the cosmos in a glorious expression of  bliss without end. As our body becomes the vehicle for the illumination of Spirit, we open at our very core to experience every nuance of the divine impulse. We become the cosmos~

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