Monday, February 3, 2014

Tantric Union

In Tantra, we utilize the energy of sexual ecstasy to reach euphoric heights of physical, emotional and spiritual communion. We join with a lover and practice sharing our bodies on deep levels of sexual play, intimacy and oneness. Penetration and orgasm cease to be our one-track focus and we allow arousal to deepen, rise and reach crescendos of passion over and over again, without actually coming to a climax.

This process stirs up within us coiling flames of spiritual light which correspond to a profound and powerful energy sourced from our Creator. It is the energy of bliss, of infinite love and of absolute creativity. With it swirling inside us from tantric union, we can experience much more than the temporary and fleeting pleasure of normal sex. The awakening of the kundalini spiral or our pure life force energy is akin to opening up a direct communication line with the Divine.

As our lover accepts and receives us at the deepest core of being and we dance together in a warm, flowing explosion of sensual and heartfelt love, a way is provided for the two to become one. In this, the merging of our bodies' polarities extends into a dissolving of the boundaries between the human and God. Our process of synergizing seemingly separate bodies, minds and souls, unites the whole of creation into a spiral dance of the One Song.

All of us can experience this reunion in our own love relationships. In simply putting aside competition, coercion, judgment and manipulation, we begin to approach sexual union as a prayer, a sacred opportunity to offer waves of unconditional love upon our partner in selfless devotion.

As a result, we experience the transforming effects of tantric union:

Timelessness, where you are no longer bound by the concept of time. Every preoccupation ceases except the full exquisite realization of this moment with your beloved.

Boundlessness, during which your body and the body of your lover merge as the material fixity of each dissolve into the spiritualized One self.

Ecstasy and Euphoria, in the ultimate experience of total body orgasm after the focal point of sensation spreads from the region of the sex organs to encompass the entire terrain of your inner and outer form.

Synchronicity, of thought, feeling and action is felt between you and yours bringing about an ecstatic harmony with the All That Is.

In Tantra there comes the moment when you no longer are, your partner no longer is, and a new, greater being is created, merged in mind, body, soul and spirit. With this level of sexual exploration, lovers can never tire of each other as they venture past the limited confines of body identification and leap into the boundless heights of soul connection. Sex in Tantra between two souls will always be new, exciting and of transcendent quality. Seek and discover the depths of this mystery within your love relationship and God will always stand right at your fingertips ~

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