Monday, January 24, 2011

Tree of Life

This morning was incredible. I woke up feeling light as air, as if I was floating on my bed. There was a certain spaciousness about everything so that I and all seemed to blend together seamlessly. I began to think of myself as a tree. The body of my tree being the trunk, bark, branches, stems and leaves. But the essential self that I am being a presence deep inside the tree. For years, I have been feeling as if my essential self is trapped inside beneath layers and is not fully expressing through to the outer core. I envision all that I am being manifest easily and effortlessly outward into every branch, every leaf, every bloom. This morning I felt this expansiveness and at one with all levels of my being. I know that God is the source of the presence within and that my path is to awaken this presence absolutely, so that it can shine forth with no hindrance or block. Fasting does clear the small self, I am sure, to make way for a greater self to come into realization. And so, I flowed into Tree Pose (above) and then into child’s pose and it was just blissful.

This position is so close to how we all were for 9 months in the womb and I believe it is the height of comfort, security and love for the body and spirit to relax into it. My energy level has gone through the roof. I am in no ways hungry. I have read that true hunger is not the uncomfortable feeling you get after your body has a night's rest from digestion - this is actually detoxification setting in, but true hunger happens when your body has assimilated all that it can use from the substance in your body and eliminated the rest. While fasting, it is essential that you keep your body very hydrated and make sure all your eliminative organs are flowing freely. Drinking lots of water is imperative. Look at how much I’ve had in 2 days...

Luckily my local health food store, Mom's Organic Market, offers free refills of reverse osmosis water. This water is delicious and has been processed by what is being called the finest water filtration method known. Also, herbal teas are great while fasting. Here are two types that I’ve been enjoying from Republic of Tea and Trader Joes.

The Get Growing has Silica from an herb called Horsetail (amazing for the skin and hair) and Peppermint is such a cooling, invigorating herb. 

Working up a sweat is crucial. Try sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes or doing a round of Hot Yoga. My best friend told me about a class she took that totally revitalized her after she became ill from a flu shot. I certainly feel like I am on a high, buzzed even. With all this creative energy, I have been busy making these...

I am able to make two or three a day on these chilly days at home and the process clears my mind from excessive thought and stills my soul. The shells dangling from each bag are from beaches I've visited in Mallorca, San Francisco, Montego Bay, Baja and the South Carolina Sea Islands. I would like to give one away to a special reader. All the yarn used is re-purposed from second-hand shops. They make me so happy when I make them, I can hardly contain my joy.  Which one do you love?

Be the first to tell me about how you have begun to bring more healing and love into your life now and you will receive one of these handmade bags in your favorite color stuffed with samples of some of the holistic products I talk about here and for FREE! I will even throw in this vegan cookbook, Fresh and Fast Vegan

I am off to make some vegetable broth...will talk more about that later. In peace-


  1. Sia... I love this blog!!!! I am so excited to be connected with you and the way you see the world. I have gradually gone organic and to water and hot teas instead of diet drinks. I am off all meds and haven't needed them in a LONG while! I am also leaning towards a vegan diet. I am not very interested in eating meats as of late and feel much more satisfied with salads, rice and pasta.

    Thanks for sending me this link! What vitamins do you recommend for joint health and flexibility?


  2. um... i love them all!!! working on a funky granny square pillow myself right now... but those bags! delish!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I just love to knit and crochet. The colors, the textures, the making something out of virtually nothing - Oh, how glorious.

  4. Jenny!

    I am so happy to here about your healing transformations! You are soaring high and I can feel it! And Congratulations! You are the winner of my goodie bag give-away! Please let me know what your favorite color is and send me your address. Feel free to send it to my email.

    May your blessings continue...

  5. Oh and I forgot, Jenny. Please try water first to boost your joint health. Have a glass every hour. It will do wonders for your tissues, cells and joints - loosening, toning and making them more supple. Also, sprinkle a bit of Cayenne pepper into your glass-a wonderful joint healer! And Yoga will definitely increase your flexibility. Do deep breathing as you stretch into the poses.

  6. Wow Sia, those are really cute bags! Good luck with your fast and detox - I will be reading and picking up tips. I do think I need a detox too but I can't get all the items you are using over here. Not an excuse, I know :)

  7. Thank you, Ofovwe! I truly love making them. Please do give a detox a try. I know The Palms on the road to Lekki has that great health food store and they usually have a good selection of items. I will also try and post some substitutions.

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