Thursday, January 27, 2011


I began fasting six days ago and on today, the seventh, I shall eat! The Raw Cleanse that I've started recommends consuming a vegan or vegetarian diet while using it. The kit contains everything that you need to make the experience simple and as easy as possible. There are packets full of raw enzymes that are to be swished around in your mouth with water first thing every morning for seven days, then herbal antioxidant/superfood capsules to be taken with lunch and finally a fiber and chlorophyll rich powder you mix with water and enjoy just before bed. My break- fast consisted of this excellent Kombucha drink from, packed with naturally occuring probiotics, actual living cultures made from fermented mushrooms. Powerful stuff and it's so refreshing and delicious.

Breaking a fast is almost as important as the fast itself. This is not the time to rush and eat loads of food, but to slowly and mindfully re-introduce your organs to assimilating and digesting food again. It is recommended that you take as many days to break a fast as the days you fasted. So, take it easy and stick to liquids, fruit and raw vegetables. Around noon, I happily chose from this bounty that I'd selected from Whole Foods.

A great book to get inspiration from during the seven day break-fast period is Raw Food by Ani Phyo. She includes so many great recipes for preparing super healthy raw food quickly and easily. There are also numerous tips on how to set-up a raw food kitchen and how to stock your pantry.

The blended vegetable broths will continue to be a mainstay for me, as they are so delicious and warming during this cold winter season. Salads with dark green leafy vegetables like watercress, dandelion and kale tossed with cherry tomatoes, radish, and green onion are powerhouse meals for a body coming out of a major detox. I like to use a high quality Organic Olive Oil for my dressing with a squeeze of lemon and a little  Braggs Liquid Aminos sprinkled in.

I enjoyed some extra Yoga this afternoon to highlight my morning routine. This pose stood out as a really dynamic expression of all the progress I've been making during this fast. It's Tree pose and it takes balance, calm and focus to perfect. All the qualities necessary to get through a seven day fast!

I was feeling so energized and full of creative energy during my fast, that in an extended moment of intense passion, insight and inspiration, I made these Love Cards.

I cut beautiful and striking images that I loved out of magazines and pasted them on paper, divided the 78 cards into 5 groups - Circles, Spheres, Vessels, Rays and  22 major themed cards, numbered and wrote an inspired message for each, finally laminating the whole lot. I am really moved by them; they are so positive and uplifting and I marvel at how fun they were to make. I chose these six for today.

The Ace of Vessels is a baptismal time of self reflection.
The Lovers say you and yours become one now.
The Wheel of Fortune reflects that now is the time for you to prosper.
The 3 of Spheres shows that all the magnificence in you is about to be born.
The 2 of Vessels is an innocent sharing of overflowing love.
The 6 of Spheres shows that all good things are working together now.

These messages really speak to me and I hope they speak to you as well. I would love to share these inspirational cards with you and so, I offer their messages as my give-away this week. Send me an email or a comment and I will pick a special message to inspire and guide you in any area of your life.


  1. Hi Auntie Sia!! Loving the blog! And learning a lot as well. By the way, the bags you made (and posted pictures of earlier in the week) are pretty awesome. Wish I could knit. Also, I would love a special message :)

  2. Thank you, Ufuoma! I am so happy to see you here! Ndali and I love to knit and crochet. Perhaps, we can teach you next time we meet. And Congratulations! you are a winner of my Love Card message give-away. Please let me know exactly what you are interested in having insight on. Love, Auntie Sia

  3. Ooh, that would be awesome! I'd love to learn. And thank you, I'd like a message on life in general.

  4. OK my dear, I've sent an inspired message from the Love Cards to your inbox!



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