Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Infinite Gift

Yaay! We have a lucky winner of our gift bag give-away! The very first of many! I am putting together Jenny's gifts as we speak. This is so exciting and I am almost bubbling over with joy! There's nothing like giving. It is true that giving is far greater than receiving. Did you know that the mark of  true wealth is not how much you possess or accumulate, but how much you give. That means that the next time you give anything to anyone, be it money, objects, hugs or kind words, see it as an outward manifestation of all the abundance that you are. It is not an act of depleting your resources, but is in fact a tangible expression of the infinite opulence within you. According to Joel Goldsmith in his book, Living the Infinite Way, this is a spiritual LAW and the truth of prosperity is a giving forth rather than an acquiring from without. Assuming that what goes out to others limits what we can maintain for ourselves is a fallacy of our culture. Believe it or not, just the opposite is true. When you offer any good thing from your heart or hands, you increase it in your own experience. So today, bless everything that goes out from you, every dollar you spend, give or even use to pay for parking tickets. Because your gift is an infinite wave enriching you and countless others.

If you are like me and do not want to lose weight during a cleansing fast. Here are some tips. Drink vegetable broth during your fast. Last evening, I prepared a wonderful broth made with raw and organic celery, parsley, mushrooms, carrots, garlic and ginger. I added a bit of Miso which is a fermented soybean paste and some cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. I put all in the blender with four cups of hot water and made an instant delicious and fiber, chlorophyll, antioxidant rich elixir. Each day, I will try a different combination of vegetables. I loved it and I have a feeling you will too.

My morning Yoga was delightful. I love this pose because it is so simple, yet so restorative. You can feel the pull in the back of your legs which is great for loosening up and ridding your system of the deposits that cause cellulite. It is so easy to do this pose that there is really no reason not to do it every morning. Then flow right into Balasana or child's pose.

Fasting need not be about deprivation. Although I wouldn't recommend a fast for longer than 4 days without the supervision of a holistic health consultant, I do believe it is natural for the human body to thrive during rests from the digestive process. Certainly, I am experiencing this fast as so full and satisfying. There is also a strong spiritual component to it that envelopes me in the early morning hours. At this time, I feel so close to God in a tangible, palpable, overarching kind of way. I can hear the birds chirping outside of my window and see the beams of sunlight cascading in. My skin feels dynamic and alive. In these moments, I understand completely being here in this life now. However, the first 3 days of a fast can be challenging, especially if you have yeast or parasites in your system. They will most certainly be clamoring for more food to feed off of. But if you can get through this period, by taking a high quality fiber cleanse like the Rainbow Light Everyday Fiber and drinking a lot of water to flush all the old matter out of your body, then the days to follow are true bliss. Many fasters experience something like a runner's high on the fourth day or so. Experts on fasting say that you can actually continue on from this point until your body experiences true hunger. This is when a lot of the undigested, toxic, diseased material in your body is broken down and eliminated and your body has used up it's fat reserves. Then it is ready to start afresh, to begin anew. Some experts suggest doing an extended fast every few years.One thing you can do to cancel the feeling of deprivation if it arises during your fast is to pamper yourself with a home spa. Here are some of the products that I have been luxuriating with...

I  dry brush my body with a natural loofah and sea sponge. This is so good for exfoliating and releasing toxins through your skin. Then, I wash with this delicious smelling and feeling Indigo Wild - Frankincense Lavender Zum Bar that I buy in bulk from my favorite health food store. After, I do a luscious scrub with this incredible Lavender salt scrub from Trader Joes.

To top it all off, I light these all natural scented candles from Crystal Candles and Wax Works...

...and then begin a wonderful meditation that I learned this past summer where you sit comfortably and imagine all the pictures of past circumstances, experiences and people being sucked into a infinite void of nothingness, to be purified, healed and let go of. The key is to actually visualize the pictures that are stored in your mind, all the images and then let them go, see them being powerfully drawn into this universal hole, and feel the burden being lifted from your mind, body and spirit.

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