Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I feel so blessed today, so thankful, so filled with gratitude. Often, when we eat, we do so mindlessly and hence forgo a deep appreciation for our food, our breath, our life. We daily take many precious things for granted. The simple blessing of waking and being alive to experience a new day is masked by our preoccupied and cluttered minds. Fasting can liberate us from our disconnection with the joys of living and lead us into gratitude.  Cleansing old habits, negative ways of thinking and over-taxed body systems can open up a whole new way of being in world for us.

Tomorrow, I will start on this wonderful product by Garden of Life. My goal is to boost the cleansing effect of fasting by taking advantage of my being in detox mode. I became a vegetarian in my 20's, then vegan several years later and on to raw food. My raw food diet began after a 30 day fast that had a wondrous affect on me body, mind and spirit. However, over the years, I have sometimes lapsed into eating meat, dairy and non-organic foods. Though these times have been few and far between, I have come to understand that eating animal products are not good for me on so many levels. I am very sensitive and easily react to low quality, low frequency anything, especially food. I also have come to a point where I can feel the burden of the years of eating meat and dairy, with pesticides thrown in, while growing up and not fully digesting it. So, this fast is a turning point for me in my life, as I intend to clear out all the old and begin again by honoring my body as the temple of the living God that it is. 

Yoga this morning was extraordinary. Here is a tip. If you find yourself being to lazy to take the time to do yoga poses after getting up, then do them while still in bed! I have a really firm mattress that is on a wooden platform,  low to the ground (IKEA) and it acts as a sort of yoga mat. Happily, I enjoyed the stretch and rejuvenation of this wonderful Cobra pose while still cozy in bed.

I have found that I am also sensitive to rough clothing of late. A free, breezy dressing style has always moved me, but now it's as if I react to the energy of the clothes I put on. I like well-worn items, nothing starchy and confining and after years of working as a model, I have become quite particular about quality of fabric and cut. If you think about it, the clothes we wear are our most intimate tactile experience on most days. They really should do more than look good, they should feel good. Blessedly, while vacationing in the South Carolina Sea Islands several months ago, I stumbled upon an amazing eco shop where I decided to try on a pair of organic jeans. They were $150 which I thought was a bit to pricey for jeans, but when I felt them next to my skin, I was in rhapsody. Literally, they felt like a second skin. They have no artificial dyes, nor chemicals and are made from all organic fabric. Being budget savvy, however, I vowed to look them up online at their source. I found these 1921 organic surplus bootcut jeans at and on sale for $75, no less. They are beyond comfortable...and I am committed to organic clothing from now on. Here's a look.

Bathing during a fast is so heavenly. It's as if your body is brand new and really absorbs all the elements of the bath experience. I use this Relax R Bath by Aubrey Organics which is by far the most Amazing bath product I have ever tried. It is so thick, like a mask even, that I splurge and relish it sometimes in the shower. The smell of it is so delightful, so rich and soothing. Oh my!

You can also sprinkle one or a combination of these Aura Cacia and Oshadhi essential oils into the bath water for an even more intense home spa experience.

Post bath, I  love to spritz with this Rose Water, which is made with "water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration." You can even cook with it. And believe me when I say that this is the elixir of angels.

Rhonda Byrne's The Secret: The Power has had such a profound effect on me that I went out and bought The Secret Gratitude Book and may I tell you, this book will change your life. Surprisingly too, because there's not much inside but blank pages for you to write down all the things that you are thankful for!

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