Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Watercourse Way

The Earth is a wondrous place. Everywhere we look we can find some beauty, vitality and peace. Despite the history of humanity as well as the present day, so littered with sorrows, suffering and despair, there is a constant reality of serenity and integrity that forever remains. Both the sky and the ocean stay out of judgement of our human horrors. The sun and the wind unfailingly give their offering to us no matter what injustices we may commit. The black earth and the stoic trees forgive us time and time again, regardless of the assaults. Even when children are murdered and good lives are wasted, the stars come screaming out at night, though silently and without reproach. We are so blessed, all of us, to live upon our Mother, she gives us her bounty even when she is drained, delights us on every turn, though often unappreciated and shows us the way we can follow if we would - the watercourse way, flowing, open and non-judgemental; traveling onwards with the current, harming no thing, simply allowing the wonders of spirit manifest on earth to be our guide.

By the Grace of the wonderful Creator of this magnificent Universe, I was led to Clearwater Beach this weekend. I cannot begin to express how overwhelmed I was with the majesty of this place. The water and the sky were beckoning all to come, play, rejoice, share and be enriched. I was awed by the warm, crystal clear aquamarine water, the pure white sand and the way the sky just smiled like it knew the view was out of this world.

The simple perfection of the ocean and the sea never cease to amaze me. 

The beaches in Florida are spectacular and it is such a delight to compare the Gulf waters with those of the Atlantic. I also visited Indian Rocks Beach on the eastern coast and it has it's own treasures.

 Namely, the beautiful shells abounding and the nearly empty shores.

Also, there is an amazing health food coop a block or two from the beach and they prepared this raw vegan sushi for me to enjoy by the water.

They also put together a box of organic goodies straight from the farmers'. Swiss chard, dandelion leaves, kale and pineapple all in one luscious box.

The mango literally blew my mind and transported me back to the joy of picking them from the trees in Jamaica. Hooray for Happy Healthy Human!

And here in Florida, you not only have the gulf and the ocean, but more lakes than you can name. Lake Eola is right in the middle of downtown Orlando and is brimming with its own beauty.

While lounging by the water, I had the opportunity to read, The Island Beneath the Sea, by Isabel Allende.This book is so brilliant. It's an historical novel that elaborates on the intricacies of the slave trade in a way I have not seen done before. Allende presents all the vicissitudes of man's inhumanity to man and how we fall into this, rise above it and continue to maintain our dignity, spirituality and ability to love. Again, it's the watercourse way.


  1. wow, that food had my mouth watering! The vegan sushi literally jumped out at me. How blessed you are to be able to travel to these amazing places and have these wonderful spiritual experiences! I will live vicariously through you and your blog.

  2. I am so happy you enjoyed, Yetunde. Remember when we had raw food at Quenna's in Ghent. Did you know she has now opened a new place in Oceanview? The food is delicious of course.

  3. Excellent! I think you will find it very moving.

  4. Have you seen the DVD series "Planet Earth"? Very interesting.

  5. No, but we are planning to. We have the Universe dvd and it's awesome.



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