Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Your home can become a sanctuary. The process is simple and effortless. All you need do is find only what you love and fill your space with it. It need not be much, just pure and basic things, but beloved. I had the pleasure of visiting Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp this past weekend and found some really treasured gems to enhance not only my home space but my inner-spirit space, as well. Cassadaga is a spiritual sanctuary where one can receive spiritual guidance and counseling, commune with nature and relish in the heightened vibration of this place that Native American healers named, "water beneath the rocks."

The community harkens back to an earlier time when neighbors were friends and the walkable village was an extension of home. I felt so elated moving about in this little town and the pure simplicity of it all was a balm to my soul.

The gems I discovered and took home were blessed by the spirit of the place and I feel joy as I add them to my sanctuary. This Buddha holding a rose represents such serenity and beauty to me.

As I love blue and I love candle light, this stellar topaz candle spoke volumes to me and so I brought it to sanctify my home as well.

I recently read that most U.S. flowers come from central american countries were pesticides banned here are permitted. These flowers are dipped in and sprayed with so many chemicals, that the workers are suffering from a bevy of diseases and disorders. Hence, I am a happy to have found these organic roses.

And I fell in love with this tiny winged fairy/angel wearing a turquoise dress and an apron full of berries.

Simple things chosen with love can bring so much joy and light into your home. Like water beneath rocks, the essence at the foundation of your possessions holds the true glory.

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