Friday, July 1, 2011

Carnival of Healing #239 Heal Love Now

There are a lot of wonderful blogs out there that deal with healing, natural living and spirituality. I have had the pleasure of exploring many of these through's Carnival of Healing page.

Basically, it is a forum for all things holistic health and each month a different blogger highlights the work of their holistic-minded peers in a fun, virtual carnival of sorts. Last month host was Rosanna at  Check it out here

And it is fitting that this month of my birth, I am being gifted with the opportunity to lead the Carnival! I found some interesting bits of information on aromatic waters, thanks to Linda over at

I love using essential oils and floral waters and have several different types that I mist with, sprinkle around the house and spray in the car.

It is an incredible uplift to breathe in these aromas and I would recommend it as a daily ritual above and beyond the use of any synthetic perfume. According to Linda, "aromatic waters, such as rose and lavender, have been used in skin care and perfumery for centuries. Today, there are a wide range of aromatic waters available for use." Go for the purest and most natural essences and you will surely be delighted by the allure of the scent as well as the healing affects. Learn more at

I can be sensitive to strong chemicals and exhaust fumes and whenever I encounter a disagreeable smell, I put a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on a cotton cloth and inhale the aroma. I like to sprinkle Eucalyptus Oil around the house as a repellant to creepy crawlers and Sweet Orange Oil is great for mood enhancement. I use the Chamomile Essence on my daughter's pillow for a good night sleep and the Clove Oil is wonderful sprinkled in the car during a long drive.

In doing this, I create my own little flower-scented world! For the allergy sufferers out there, you can find several good tips on how to naturally prevent allergic reactions at
Here are a few to consider:
  • Take your shoes off when entering your home to keep pollen at the door.
  • Keep your air conditioning on a controlled setting even when you are away from home to prevent humidity from reaching levels that could encourage mold growth.
  • Limit exposure to barbeque grill smoke, especially the charcoal-burning kind. Also be wary of bonfires and campfires, which can give off heavy smoke and aggravate the throat, nose, and eyes.
One practice that I have been doing for years is removing my shoes when I step inside my door. This is an Asian-inspired practice and I find that it not only keeps things cleaner but it really upgrades the vibration in my space.

Speaking of vibrations, Karin Stanley in an article titled Self Hypnosis and Abundance, discusses the value of the hypnotic trance state in altering the frequency of our brain activity. Read more at 

I love to make mind manifestation movies and find that watching them puts me in a sort of trance and I can feel all the images, ideas and affirmations in the movie seeping into my subconscious and without a doubt, playing out in my life. Mind movies are like moving and dynamic vision boards with pictures of your most beloved ideals, goals and visions. For those of you who prefer a more practical approach to creating your life, go to  Here John Milligan talks about a very straightforward way to move forward in creating your ideal life. He explains the SMART goals system, which stands for, "specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. As you set your goals...take the time to walk each goal through this process so that you can get very clear on both the why and how to what you are going to do. For more go to:

With these myriad ways of bringing more health, vitality and abundance into your life, I leave you to create your own carnival of healing right here and right now in your very own sacred space.

Stay tuned next month. I am passing the healing torch on to Clara Myers at



  1. Thank you for some new links and a well written "carnival". Appreciate your efforts for us and the timely reminders. Have a blessed year and a happy birthday!

  2. Thank you, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Blessings to you as well.



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