Monday, July 18, 2011

Warm Mineral Springs

Florida is home to a plethora of beautiful bodies of water. Filled with gratitude, I have been taking the time to explore as many of these waterways as I can. I love water and having the opportunity to experience it, warm and under the sun, feels like the ultimate blessing to me. At Warm Mineral Springs Resort, I was able to immerse myself in water that was not only warm and canopied by a sunny blue sky, but also enriched with natural minerals coming from age-old caves, deep beneath the surface. What a wonder this place was.

If you want to experience being in the primordial sea from which we all come, these waters are waiting for you. The temperature is always around 87 degrees and the healing affects can be felt immediately. Due to the mineral content, your body becomes buoyant and you can float and swim with an incomparable ease.

The spa services here are incredible and they use the water from the springs for many of their treatments. Nature is a wonderful resource for health and vitality. The earth is literally spilling forth with beauty, bounty and love. We need only open to receive.

After frolicking in the springs for several hours, I decided to venture to St. Petersburg in search of some organic raw food to feed my enlivened body. I happily found the Leafy Green Cafe!

They serve up some really ingenious raw food dishes here and of course, I was delighted! First, I had the Coconut Curry Soup. So scrumptious!

Then, I enjoyed the Raw Onion Bread and Cashew Hummous sandwich. Unbelievable good!

And for dessert! Chocolate and Vanilla Macaroons. All raw and so delicious! What a treat.

Raw food is not filling at all. It is satisfying, but it doesn't sit in your stomach. Because of all the active enzymes, raw meals are quickly and efficiently digested by your happy system. So, I danced over to Whole Food Market later for an evening snack, Al fresco.

Organic Rainier Cherries!

To top everything off, all the minerals from the springs and vitamins from the food, I was able to bring home a sample of the healing waters to tide me over until my next visit.


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