Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Birdsnest

If you are looking for a nice little escape from NYC, somewhere you can just hop in the car and drive to, completely decompress from city living and get a feel for small town life, all while still making it back to the City in a couple hours, Hancock, NY is your place. A teeny, tiny town along the Delaware River, this hamlet boasts only one of everything you need. A bank, a video store, a library, a church and a bakery. The Bakery, as it is so aptly named, bakes the best bagels outside of Brooklyn.

You'll want to stay the night in this little village and you're in luck, because the perfect little place to rest is perched right on top of the bakery. It's called The Birdhouse and is as delightfully cozy and quirky as it sounds.

You enter and head up to the lofty space by way of these steps.

At the top you will be greeted by this welcoming hand, with a blessing for all who grace the entrance.

And then you will be come upon a light-filled hallway with doors to each suite.

My favorite is the Birdsnest. 

I love the compact cook's kitchen. 

The pristine bathroom, especially the tub.

And the sunny master bedroom.

The living room is such a bright, cozy place to sit and relax. 

And all the furnishings are salvaged antiques, a space decorated with an eye for sustainable, eco-friendly design.

When you are finally forced to leave in order to return to the hustle and bustle of the city, you will nevertheless, walk out refreshed and revitalized by your tranquil stay in these cozy quarters. Until, next time...

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