Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Organic Bath

There is nothing like taking a hot steamy bath, filled with herbs and floral oils, when it's a snowy 22 degrees outside. Bath time is so luxurious and a daily must for a life well-lived. Get in there, you must, and linger in a spacious tub, soaking up all the delicious bath treats added to the water. Lay back as the divine elixir envelopes you in its warmth and sensual aroma. Steep like a tea bag in all the herbs, dried flowers and salts dissolving about you.

Light a fire, too.

A very special bath treat is, EO Bath Salts, made with tangerine, coconut and vanilla essential oils and Himalayan sea salt to help alkalize the water.

Pour in some organic milk or add Storybook Farm's Soothing Soak potion with oatmeal, powdered milk, hops and lavender. The hops will make you feel so relaxed, as if you, too, are dissolving into the warm soapy water. Look for it at the lovely Stockton Market in NJ.

For lots of bubbles, use a delicious bubble bath like deep steep Tangerine Melon Honey Bubble Bath. The scent is so delightful and the creamy texture, so wonderful!

And last, but not least, pour in some Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap for the most amazingly refreshing fragrance of minty goodness.

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