Friday, May 10, 2013

Bogobiri House

Looking for a spectacular place to hang out in Lagos, Nigeria? Check out Bogobiri House. At this welcoming community spot you can enjoy native cuisine by moonlight.

Peruse awesome African art

Sign your children up for innovative creativity workshops

Or make some art yourself using the house art supplies

You can also listen to an eclectic array of live music.

Or make your own in the state of the art recording studio.

You can even watch a Nollywood film being shot live on the premises.

Yes, Bogobiri House has a myriad collection of offerings on its grounds.

 There's the BRT or Bogobiri Rooftop

The Nimbus Art Gallery

And unique shopping spaces on both floors

When you are next on the continent, come to Lagos, stop in at Bogobiri House and have a taste of modern day Africa. If you love it and don't want to leave, you can even stay a while in one of its vibrant hotel rooms.

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