Friday, May 4, 2012

Raw Food Sweets

Indulging in something sweet, rich and delicious for dessert does not have to mean disrupting your body’s rhythm with sugar, dairy and other additives. There are many delectable all raw desserts on the market which taste just as good and oftentimes better than their conventional over-cooked counterparts. After relishing in these delights, you don’t feel heavy and bloated or over-stimulated with sugar and artificial junk. They are great for satisfying a child’s sweet tooth and can even be eaten for breakfast! My favorite at the moment is Hail Merry’s Miracle raw, organic, vegan tarts. The Meyer Lemon is phenomenal and comes so close to being cheesecake without any of the suspect dairy. The crust is made with almond flour, and coconut butter is a major ingredient in the whole mix. It is really good!

The Chocolate tart is even better!  And you won’t even miss not having a standard milk chocolate cake or bar. Believe me, your whole life will change when you try this slice of heaven. No more fake chocolate loaded with sugar, milk and preservatives, ever again.

If you love(d) those little candy peanut butter cups from childhood and get sad when you think of never having them again. Not to worry. Here is the lovely Almond Butter-filled chocolate miracle tart! Goodbye Reese’s!

I love all the innovative raw food companies springing up out of everywhere these days. Most of them hail from Cali and these nut guru guys are no exception. They make the most amazing uncooked goodies. I always have a bag of Living Intentions, Rosemary Garlic Gone Nuts! on hand.

The company that makes these sweet little bars, Gopal's, is surprisingly, not based in California - the home of the raw foodies! Believe it or not, this good stuff hails from Texas! I can never choose between the Macadamia and the Almond Sprout Bars. 

But getting back tochocolate, I discovered this heavenly bar on one of my late night quests for something sweet, yet healthy. Oh, was I grateful to find Sacred Chocolate! Thank you David Wolfe and friends!

A few days Later, I ventured into raw chocolate again and, unfortunately, was not as lucky. This Righteously Raw Bar is great nutritionally, but didn't have the luscious texture I was aiming for, due to the gritty maca bits. Maca, by the way, is an Amazonian superfood that is supposed to do wonders as an aphrodisiac.

And for those of you who crave that luscious texture for your desserts, like I do. The Cashew Nut Butter from Green Goddess Foods in Lake Placid, NY, beats all the rest. You can add it to a raw fruit smoothie, spread it on top of the aforementioned grainy bar to delicious effect or just spoon it right out of the jar, like I've been doing lately...

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