Thursday, April 5, 2012

Accra Dream

One of the most popular destinations in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is the Labadi Beach Hotel. It boasts a gourmet restaurant, stunning views, 5-star service and a central location. As a jumping off point for your exploration of the wonders of Accra, Labadi Beach is unrivaled. After a late night and, perhaps, an early morning flight from Lagos, you will be comforted by the calming surrounds of the lobby.

Once you check into your well appointed room,

 complete with stunning views from the terrace,

feel free to take a dip in the magnificent pool,

or just lounge on the tranquil veranda.

If 5-star luxury is not your thing, try the quaint and homey Headlines Guest House in Labone for a change.

This humble abode boasts its own night club,

in town access,

and some of the best Ghanaian food around.

Once you find your spot, you can then venture out into Accra proper.

 Maybe grab some fruit and veggies,

or stop at a local cafe.

If you venture further downtown, northeast of the ocean,

You will find street sellers offering up their handmade camel-skin bags,

As well as shops like Global Mamas, whose sales of shea butters and batiks support indigenous craftswomen.

To round out the day, you might spend some time at Artists Alliance, a beautiful gallery hosting artists' work from all over the country.

The view from inside, alone, is astounding.

But the food, oh yes, the food...

is out of this world.

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