Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adirondack Tree House

High up in the Adirondack mountains live many a lonely soul seeking solace from the fast-spinning world of twitter, facebook and HDTV. 

In this sublime place, one can live in a tree house on the tranquil shores of a luminous lake, in view of the snow-capped peaks.

Can you imagine a quaint little cottage made of trees, all wood from the nearby forests? 

Maple, pine, cedar and spruce. A region where the air is so clear, you can taste it. Meanwhile, your backyard is a waterfall.

And your front yard is the very majestic lake, itself, embraced by stoic hills and mountains.

And these are your neighbors.

No need to fill up the tank here, just grab a boat and use your own free-power to steer your vessel.

Every path leads to beauty in this perfect spot - on the earth, but not of it.

The Whiteface Club and Resort is a sprawling nature preserve-like grounds where people come to be close to the slopes in winter and to enjoy maritime or equestrian pursuits in spring and summer. 

Not to far off, if you want a little excitement and to stock up on organic local groceries 

Or to send out some post cards to your far off friends and relatives, there’s Saranac Lake,

A cozy little town with old-timey charm and hospitality. Nori’s natural market is a must-stop if you want some good food or good bread, like Conroy’s Organics Olive Loaf, for instance.

It goes nicely with the local Nettle Meadow goat cheese.

Add some Kalamata olives, too.

Perhaps, make a little taboulleh salad to eat with the local hummous, as well. Then sit back and enjoy your retreat in this high-up place, away from it all.


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  2. Good post- where is that treehouse- can you book/rent it- would LOVE to know. Thanks....

  3. Thank you! This particular one is located at the Whiteface Club and Resort in Lake Placid, NY and has just been sold. There are other similar cabins for rent, however. Peace~



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