Monday, February 7, 2011

Sun Light

Ahhh, the sun is shining today and its light is magnificent. This beautiful photograph by Temari 09 on illustrates the beauty of our glorious sun so exceptionally well. A wonderful way to bring the sunlight into your day, even if it's cloudy outside, is the Sun Salutation. This wonderful series of Yoga poses captures the reverence and awe that we all feel for the sunshine.

Light is as important to good health as quality food and peace of mind. Both metaphorically and practically speaking, the degree of  light in our lives influences the way in which we see the world, feel about ourselves and sense the deeper spiritual essence of all things. To be the light of the world is to embody God, to live in Truth and to understand purity in all its myriad forms. A great way to harness light is through the use of crystals. Crystals are miracles of nature, rocks and stones transformed into channels of light and energy. Due to their multi-faceted formation, they absorb the qualites of the atmosphere around them and intensify, cleanse and enrich anything near. Like angels condensed into form, crystals have been reputed to heal and uplift, either by being worn on the body or placed in a room. I have some lovely crystals that I place around my home to enhance the harmony, peace and light that abounds. Here is my beautiful quartz crystal, a favorite for almost 20 years.

Rose quartz is another amazing transformer of energy. It is wonderful for revitalizing love and compassion within oneself.

These spectacular little gems are amethyst, blue topaz and blue tourmaline.

Light can also be brought into your experience through a wholesome living foods meal. Living food is food that is alive and full of the light and life that comes from the sun. It is not cooked, sprayed, processed or otherwise adulterated. Just pure and raw. When you eat it, that life energy goes straight into your cells and enlightens them! I have had the wonderful opportunity to sample live foods from some of the absolute best sources. I always feel so bright and charged after enjoying one of these meals and so, I would like to share them with you.

When in NYC, I love to relish the raw Lasagne at One Lucky Duck. This is just a joy to eat.

The Guacomole Tacos served up at Pure Food and Wine are also raw and delicious. They always put a spring in my step.

And the Raw Sushi is a real treat. No white rice, no raw fish, just organic uncooked vegetables.

While my body is using minimal energy to digest these goodies, I am using the leftover spark to light my way around the Union Square Farmer's Market, which is wonderfully open year round.

Speaking of farmer's markets, which I love. In fact, I am a connoisseur of  farmer's markets and have been to atleast one on just about every continent on the planet! The San Francisco Ferry Plaza farmer's market is another delightful one.

While in San Francisco, I love to dine at Cafe Gratitude, another one of my favorite places to go and be inspired and enlightened by my meal. All the items on the menu have names like I am grateful or I am pure. The atmosphere in their restaurants is decidedly euphoric and I love spending a meal there.

They have the most amazing sampler plate filled with all raw olive pesto, cashew cream, hummous, kale and much much more.

Their spectacular desert of all raw Truffles is my absolute favorite. Okay, I think I said that before. But, anyway, these are soooo good.

And if you are like me and want to try making them yourself, check out the Cafe Gratitude Raw Deserts "cook book"

Another place that is just outstanding for its live foods selection and the pure, boundless energy of each and every item they offer, is Glaser Farms in Miami. I simply glow for their huge array of scrumptious dishes. There's so much to choose from and their snacks are to live for!

Try their raw Cashew Nut Milk and you will never drink cow or soy again! Relaxing on the beach in Miami, sipping this invigorating elixir, I am one with the pure light of the sun and with all of it's positive attributes.

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