Friday, February 4, 2011

New Life

I am on a mission to live life more abundantly. I love the idea of being born anew. The cells in our bodies are constantly recreating themselves and we have to do everything possible to aid in this renewal. I have begun to appreciate all the little things my body has to do to keep me healthy and alive. Have you ever marveled at the perfect synergy of your heartbeat and breath; the way your eyes perceive color and your ears vibration. All these functions are superbly managed by a healthy body temple. To be in this state of harmony and balance is one of the greatest gifts of this life. How can we ensure its daily renewal?

Proper digestion and efficient elimination are both key to the success of any cleanse/detox and for long-term health as well. Many people don't realize that what goes into your body must come out. Which means after every meal, you must eliminate. Putting more food in before your body has managed to process the previous meal creates a backlog and leads to constipation and a host of other ailments. When old food gets stuck in your intestines for an extended period, it begins to ferment, which leads to free radical damage of cells, tissues and organs. Most diseases can be traced back to an overly congested colon. This is a sensitive subject, I know, but it really needs to be addressed. Here are some of the main causes of low transit time in the food we eat. In other words, why food may not be coming out as easily and effortlessly as it should.

The # 1 culprit is eating low quality foods, like white sugar, white bread, red meat, fried foods, sodas, alcohol, cow's milk and processed cheese. These so-called foods are not recognized by the body and wreak havoc on our digestive systems. They are junk and should be avoided at all costs. Udo's Oil  is an incredible combination of Flax, Primrose and other oils that provide essential nutrients and help to encourage the elimination of this old toxic matter.

The # 2 culprit is the proliferation of parasites and yeasts in the intestines. These creatures feed off of an unhealthy system and contribute to its further breakdown. If you have indigestion, bloating, acid reflux coupled with eczema, sugar cravings and depression, then parasites are the likely cause. They get into your body from the excesses of #1 and stay until you actively engage in cleaning them out. I used Parastroy for this purpose and it's affect was truly amazing. The experience I had was truly eye-opening and nothing short of miraculous. I would recommend everyone try it.

The # 3 culprit is the standard position we use when nature calls. The natural position for the most efficient and smooth elimination is a squatting one. It makes a world of difference for the colon to be working with gravity rather than against it. This is what I use to elevate my feet and properly align myself when nature calls.

The # 4 culprit is a lack of beneficial intestinal flora and digestive enzymes. These are naturally occuring in the body but are diminished relative to the unhealthy things we consume. When they are out of balance, our system cannot function properly on many levels, especially in digestion and elimination. I like to take this FloraSmart to replenish and restore these essentials of a health body.

Vitamin Code Kombucha for the beneficial bacteria and digestive enzyme restoration, is also a great option.

And lastly, the  # 5 culprit falls along the obvious lines of not eating enough organic, green, raw vegetables. Correcting this alone will take care of  #'s 1-4. Green food is a powerhouse nutritionally for our bodies. Parasites hate it and life-generating bacteria thrive due to it. Our blood is invigorated by the chlorophyll and our cells love the electrolytes. Have at least one of these a day and I guarantee, your life will change. This step is so important that I am obliged to take a detailed walk through the components of making a stellar Green Salad.

Dandelion Greens

Health Benefits

The roots possess strong antiviral properties.
May help stabilize blood sugar levels.
The root acts as an appetite stimulant, helps promote digestion and gastrointestinal health, encourages the growth of healthy bacteria, and alleviates flatulence.
Cleansing and healing to the gallbladder. Typically, the roots or juice from the leaves are used for this.
May help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL).
The leaves support kidney function and act as a diuretic.
The roots promote liver detoxification.
Alleviates the bloating associated with PMS.



187 mg

3.5 g

3.1 mg

0.3 mg

397 mg

10160 IU

0.2 mg

0.3 mg

0.3 mg

35 mg

3.4 mg

778 mcg

Romaine Lettuce and Cilantro

Health Benefits

Blended or chewed well, leafy greens cleanse the system of toxins that cause body odor.
The combination of calcium and magnesium they contain make all leafy greens an important component of bone health and maintenance.
When eaten raw, leafy greens stimulate digestion and digestive enzymes.
Reverse greying of hair. Should be well blended to assimilate available nutrients.
Provide a wide variety of nutrients necessary to maintain proper hormone balance.
Provide essential nutrients to the endocrine system and make the body more alkaline, thereby strengthening immunity.
Most provide tryptophan which aids in sleep. They make a light, low-fat meal, which allows for a peaceful night's rest. 


All green plants, but especially the leaves, are major sources of chlorophyll.

Magnesium is a component of the chlorophyll molecule and is necessary for the absorption of calcium.

Provide all essential amino acids, particularly when a variety of greens are eaten. Best when eaten raw and well blended in a green smoothie. Courtesy

Green Onions

Health Benefits

Prevent growth of harmful bacteria and putrification in the intestines.
Prevent growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Increase flow of digestive juices. Help with nutrient absorption.
May prevent or reverse cataracts.
Thin the blood and help prevent red blood cell clumping. Help prevent cardiovascular disease.
Help break up mucus congestion when eaten raw.
Increase the strength of orgasm.
Help break up mucus congestion when eaten raw. Courtesy

Add Organic Carrots, the richest vegetable source of Vitamin A

Mushrooms, packed with antioxidants and a good source of protein

delicious Alfalfa Sprouts to lower cholesterol and build your immune system

And Heirloom Tomatoes which are, arguably, the best tomatoes in the world.

For a superb dressing use Olive Oil, a Squeeze of Meyer Lemon and a sprinkle of Braggs Liquid Aminos.

Exercise is of course an essential ingredient as well. My daily run has been a wonderful way to release toxins through my sweat and it really gets things into gear all around. And this Half-Moon Back Bend is an excellent Yoga Pose for enhancing proper digestion and elimination.

Once you've ensured that you are eliminating at least twice a day, here is a great book to read to remind you of all the diseases and disorders that will NOT be coming your way. Louise Hay's, You Can Heal Your Life is a wonderful book on healing. It actually list scores of diseases and their emotional causes. So now that you have a clean and balanced body, those old emotional blocks can start pouring out for complete elimination making way for a new and improved life.

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