Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Peace of God 

       One of the most vital attitudes of mind to maintain is one of stillness and peace. Being of still mind is a life giving stream to your entire self, your consciousness. Contemplating the one Principle to the exclusion of all else elevates all that you are to your true state of glory in God. The fulfillment that comes from the single reflection on Eternal Being is unmatched. In this Divine serenity you are absolutely free, totally loved and infinitely supported. There is no higher place but the communion with God one finds in a still mind. Love is never in form. It, Love, always resides in Spirit. Once you begin to look for love as a tangible thing, it is lost and attachment takes over. Spirit does not need to possess or contain. Spirit is voluminous and free. It is, within itself, sufficient. Spirit in love is boundless and forever ascending. When love is pocketed and held onto with an anxious projection on the beloved, it slips away - lost in preoccupation and wanting. Let love rule, in and of itself. There is no need to cling to it. Love is infinite. It is given unto you, freely. Simply allow it and fear not. It is coursing through your being even now. In fact, it is the life of you, your very breath. Make no special effort to contain it, look not upon any certain person to express it. Just let it be. Love is. 

An excerpt from my new book, I AM: You Power This Life

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