Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Classic Ride

Bicycling is my chosen form of transportation 90% of the time. But, for the other 10% when a car is absolutely necessary, my philosophy is: why not ride in classic style? I love old, antique quality cars with lots of history and intrigue. Imagine a classic ford built circa 1960, in pink!

And how about this black one! A 1955 Crown Imperial Limousine, spotted in St. Augustine, Fl, as the official house vehicle of the lovely Casa Monica hotel.

Another car that promises to make you crazy with glee while driving, is a restored roadster of the MG variety. I love this one in blue!

These cars were also born during the hippie revolution and have, not surprisingly, stood the test of time.

This powder blue one seems to be an MGA, one of the earlier models built for racing. There are several makes and models of these eclectic and stylish cars and, to be honest, I can't always tell the difference between them.

But the characteristic charm, grace and craftsmanship always set them apart. I believe this turquoise blue one is a 300SL by Mercedes which is known to have the world's fastest top speed.

Here is another iconic Mercedes SL. Popularized during the 80's in many a film. Any fans of bright red?

I was so pleased to be in Lake Placid last Spring during their MG car convention. What a pleasure to be up close and personal with so many varieties of this classic ride.

There was even a fixed-roof style, the GT hatchback design.

Even though it was equipped with a sun-roof, I still prefer the convertibles. The next best thing to getting around on a bike!

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