Friday, September 20, 2013

Wild Food

Fermented and living foods are to the body what a wild ocean breeze is to the spirit and soul - cleansing and revitalizing. We need to fill our bodies with spirited food in order for it to maintain its natural exuberance and vitality. In essence, what we eat must be alive if we are to fully inhabit our bodies and live in them wholly. Many healthy shops are sprouting up to serve our holistic dietary needs. Organic Avenue in NYC is such a place, where one can find tasty living food on the go. Though still, simpler is better and if you can, take time to prepare basic meals yourself, in the comfort of your own home. Fruit is always a great way to prepare the system for more bio-active foods, as it clears and refreshes the system and upstarts it for cleansing on deeper levels. A day in the life of of a wild food connnoiseur may look a bit like this...

Green and purple grapes for breakfast to flush out the body and lubricate it with the vitamin-rich, pure water that makes up these simple yet sweet gems.

Then, a bunch of just picked wild kale paired with a few delectable heirloom tomatoes grown organically on a local farm. Eating greens fresh and tender this way helps to sweep the digestive system and make way for the activation of the tissues and cells with living nutrients.

Later on for lunch, it's salad again. This time the live ingredients are richer and more varied. There's arugula and radish for their bitter astringent qualities, cucumber and squash blossoms for their purifying components and green onion for its antioxidant factors.

For those who need a bit more protein after an active day, dinner can include a fritatta made with fresh and local free range eggs paired with more salad, even richer than the last. Organic carrots, red cabbage and more heirloom tomatoes round out this nutrition-packed boost for the body.

Add some delicious olives cured with rosemary and orange peel and you have a feast for the gods.

Another great addition to a dynamic salad -  homemade pickled peppers. Sliced jalapenos in a broth of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and olive oil marinated for a few days in the refrigerator will produce a most delectable spicy pickle and elevate your already vibrant meal to new heights.

The real magic, however, comes in when you add fermented specialities like, Wildbrine sauerkraut, teeming with probiotics and friendly bacteria. All the cleansing that you've stirred up within, courtesy of the grapes, and began flushing out with the greens can now be fully activated by the wild living food.

The Madras Curry lends that South Asian flavor to your salad. While the Arame & Ginger infuses each bite with a zen palate.

One of the vital aspects of digestion, which eating wild foods enhances, is enzymatic activity. Without enzymes food doesn't get properly digested, and raw, living foods provide loads of these essential enzymes. A good way to supplement, after years of depriving the body of all the wonderful natural foods it thrives on, is to take Raw Enzymes directly.

In addition, Flor-Essence, is a  wonderful healer of an over-taxed digestive system that is loaded with un-assimilated, toxic material. An elixir of 8 wild-crafted herbs believed by the Obijiwa Indians to be a "Holy drink that purified the body and mind." Yes, this tisane will definitely aid in the process of re-invigorating the wild essence of your body.

And for all the fresh, wild greens that you didn't get to eat, this superfood mix of Digestive Greens is a great enhancer as you begin to incorporate more nutrient packed green foods into your dietary repertoire.

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