Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Did you know that Princeton has an awesome community auditing program where inquisitive minds who live nearby can sign up for and take classes for a small fee? Though most of the participants are older retired folks looking to increase their IQ, the program is open to all adult residents. A great opportunity to explore subjects like Italian Art & Gastronomy or Quantum Physics, the CAP program is very user-friendly and straightforward. Between classes one can tour Princeton's stoic halls of higher learning and engage the diverse and friendly students who fill the campus.

The Architecture of the buildings is superb, especially the University Chapel where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a speech in 1960.

The many cultural events at the University can keep you occupied even if you don't choose to attend a course.

The town of Princeton is quite interesting as well. Many streets are cobbled and the historic roots of the place is palpable. A great walkable community, you can set out from the Princeton gate and explore the quaint town by foot.

There are shops of all kinds here, preppy old school and hippy new age, alike. Shop the World is of the latter variety and the place to go for all things fair-trade.

Not to far from Princeton, the towns of New Hope and Lambertville are worth a visit. They are humble yet culturally rich little towns bathed by the Delaware River and bursting with charm. Check out Peddler's Village for a joyous and peaceful shopping experience and pick up some eclectic gifts.

My favorite shop of all is Journey's. If you love crystals and flowery, lovely, inspiring things, this little gem is not to be missed.

Another gem, the New Hope Public Library is very petite, but well-stocked and staffed by friendly local people.

And locally owned, mom and pop shops abound. With no whole foods within 30 miles, try the River of Life Natural Foods. The woman who runs it is a treasure.

You can even take pottery classes at the wonderful Earth Center Pottery located in the Tyler Park Center for the Arts. 

The instructors are hands-on, very friendly and extremely patient. You'll be surprised at what you can make after your first lesson.

So much to love about this area and once you finish wandering around New Hope, head over the bridge to Lambertville using the walkers lane. 

The view is spectacular and may make you want to linger,

but if you hurry, you just might catch the sunset back at Peddler's Village and it is to live for.

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