Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Present Moment

There is no better place to be, but the here and now. As Ram Dass made clear in his timeless book, Be Here Now, the present moment is all there is. I had the pleasure of visiting a delightful place in St. Augustine, Fl, which takes its culinary inspiration from the timeless now. This haven for spiritual seekers offers up pure, vegan and raw food all made from fresh and local ingredients and with a palpable conscious awareness. It's called the Present Moment Cafe and is the antithesis of contemporary fast food, though the service is quick, kind and efficient.

The delicious food, however, speaks volumes about how high quality, minimally processed food can aid in keeping us present in the now moment- the only true space and time we have.


I have never tasted such enlightened cuisine. Everything on the menu is sublime. You can literally close your eyes and just point to something and rest assured it will be an aimmensely satisfying treat for your palate. Because every dish is as good as the next, I often found myself ordering the Chef's Sample plate. Look at this masterful creation.

On it you have a housemade pickle, raw corn chips, sunflower seed mock tuna pate, topped with a heaping salad of fresh local greens.

Another sampler includes raw vegan sushi with wasabi, pickled ginger and tamari, a saucy seaweed salad and a nut/seed veggie burger with marinated onions and provolone puree.

And yet another, highlights the unbelievably scrumptious white truffle zucchini pasta with pine nut parmesan and a barbecue portabella topped nut loaf. All raw!

As you can see, I couldnt get enough of these outstanding meals. And so, every day I found myself taking a moment to enjoy a delicious plate.

The soups here are so amazingly good, too. All raw and vegan, the culinary stars in the kitchen are adept at creating heavenly broths such as brocoli cheddar soup and spicy potato bisque. Oh and I almost forgot. The desserts!! Raw, vegan, sugar free delights.

This vanilla ice cream brownie sundae is made with cashews, agave and cacao. Clearly, it is not at all difficult to stay present in the beautiful city of St. Augustine. Everywhere you look, there is exquisite beauty.

The air is clean and fresh and everyone smiles at you as you walk along the cobblestone streets.

And as you make your way in the moment, the path before you establishes you in presence.

You are one with the simple pleasures of life. The sun and ocean breeze greet you at every turn. Even the shops dance in their array of finery. Inviting you to attend to the here and now.

For the present moment is all there is.

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