Friday, December 7, 2012

Pure Vermont

Vermont is unparalleled in its awesome splendor. The pure simplicity and beauty of the place is astounding.

It's a bit like going back in time. A time when people were simpler and with purer intentions and needs. Everyone here seems to be a farmer or an innkeeper or small local shop owner.Take for instance, Doug and Linda, proprietors of the Inn at Baldwin Creek. They grow their own food, cook it up in their bed and breakfast kitchen and serve it Wednesday thru Sunday at their restaurant, Mary's.

The only thing more inviting than a snow-capped Inn, is a snow-capped Inn at night.

The well-appointed rooms are quaint and cozy.

The nearby town of Bristol is sleepy, yet well-stocked.

With a stellar used book store.

And a California-worthy natural foods store. Imagine lush Mountain Greens in the dead of winter.

And not to far past Lovers Lane,

You'll stumble upon Middlebury, a most delightful small city,

With true charm and grace,

And a most delightful health food store of it's own.

A wonderful step back in time, small town Vermont is.

Perhaps, it is this sense of community, purpose and belonging that the world needs to return to, in order to create the peace that we all so deeply desire.

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