Saturday, June 9, 2012


"Serendipity can be described as good fortune, luck, or a fortunate accident. It’s the effect by which you accidentally discover something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely."

 "Serendipity is looking for one thing and finding another." Wiki

While taking a walk on an early spring day, I stumbled upon an enlightening message painted on the sidewalk at the base of a beautiful tree.

The tree seemed to reach out to me in an embrace of perfect love and acceptance.

I had been contemplating making a move abroad for a few months and wasn't sure if now was the right time to begin traveling. This tree and its message really helped to clarify that I am right where I need to be and my travels can wait for a more opportune moment.
Then, feeling a bit hungry, I stumbled upon this delightful cafe and felt certain that I was being divinely guided.

Later, while hiking along this perfect path and contemplating love and its vicissitudes,

I walked right into this charming stone. The message was poignant and clear.

Another day while checking my blog stats, I noticed someone visited through Pinterest, so I clicked on the link and came to the most inspiring photo of two women in scorpion pose.

I was so moved by the peace and beauty of this posture, that I decided I must practice it. I then found myself spending the afternoon perfecting my scorpion pose. I achieved a lot for my first practice and now intend to experience this pose daily.

I have been craving Nigerian food since I returned from Lagos to the US several months ago. Looking everywhere, from Florida to New York, for a restaurant where I could get pounded yam and okro soup or pepper soup and boiled plantain. While visiting a dear friend in Va Beach, she casually mentioned the opening of a new Yoruba-owned Nigerian restaurant nearby, which served all my favorites!! Here we have catfish pepper soup, boiled yam and palm oil.

 It's called the Amazing African Restaurant!

A few days before Earth Day, I went to the post office to mail a package to an Etsy customer who purchased one of my Love Fairy Bags

While waiting in line I noticed a flyer for an Earth Day celebration that coming weekend. I decided to give them a call to see if I could set up a booth there showcasing my bags. They had one spot left! That weekend, I found myself in a lovely venue making great sales!

Imagine my delight when, after missing my stop on the light rail, I spotted this shop from the window!

I can't wait to see what wonderful and unexpected joy will happen next!

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