Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Food

I love food and I love to eat well. After all, you are what you eat. Good food is paramount to a good life and here I will share with you some of my most memorable meals of late. For me, good  food is delicious, wholesome, chemical-free and made with love. If you can get it from a garden, your own or that of a friend, you are truly blessed. The next best thing is food grown locally and picked up from your town's farmer's market. Further down the line would be the local co-op or independently owned health food store. And if it becomes necessary, Whole Foods will always do in a pinch. As a last resort, the organic aisle of your neighborhood Safeway or Publix may have to suffice.

Fresh organic fruit can't be beat as a meal fit for your sweet body and soul. You can't lose with a simple meal made up of a single fruit just picked, like these organic strawberries.

Or a fruit salad made with these, some plums and sliced bananas.

Then come green salads, of course. There is nothing like chlorophyll to invigorate the body and mind. Have you ever tried fresh pea shoots with avocados, vine-ripened tomatoes and just-picked lettuce? Supreme eating, for sure.

My favorite way to make a salad into a meal is to add a grain. Taboulleh is number one in my book for this. I love it with nettle as the green and couscous as the grain.

Also, with the traditional parsley, bulgur wheat and a side of hummous, you just can't go wrong!

But when you have greens just picked from your own garden, it is always best to keep it simple.

To these gems, I added smoked salmon, herbed goat cheese, artichoke pesto and raw sauerkraut, to accent their natural goodness.

Occasionally, I like to indulge in eggs and fish and always prepare these animal-based foods with gratitude in mind for the sentient beings. Free-range organic eggs and fresh cilantro makes the tastiest frittata!

Though, when time is of the essence, a quick scramble will do.

I love to eat greens with every meal now and have come to revere these chlorophyll-rich leaves in all their variety and splendor. Ahhh, the simple pleasure of raw kale, olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

And a bowl of greens tends to put me in the mind of southern cooking. So, when I am in the mood for soul food, but with a healthy twist, grilled salmon is my go to.

The requisite black-eyed peas and rice come along as well. In this case, coconut brown rice with some raw cilantro on the side.

For an Asian-inspired twist, however, you can do rice noodles and steamed broccoli instead. Tasty indeed!

I am truly filled with gratitude for all this good food and send out my blessings far and wide. Thank you.

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