Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raw and Vegan

There are a plethora of raw and vegan friendly restaurants out there and I have been on a mission to discover them all. In Clearwater, Fl, there is a wonderful place called Green Organix. The food is outstanding and super fresh and healthy. Just a few steps from the beach, you can dine al fresco on delicious gourmet vegetarian and vegan food.


I ordered this unique organic salad made with sunflower seed tuna! The dressing was a lemon tahini and so so good.

The vegetables are extra fresh and I suspect it's because right next door you find the Bob and Daughter Market selling farm fresh produce.

The Oceanview community of the Tidewater area is home to the excellent Quenna's Raw and Vegan Cafe. The food here is like none other you've tasted. The chef Quenna hails from Kenya and infuses her raw cuisine with distinctly African flavors.

My favorite is her avocado supreme with sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, peppers and a spicy red chili sauce.

At home, I get inspired to create special dishes based on my raw and vegan restaurant experiences. Here is one with heirloom tomatoes, radishes and other goodies!

I mixed it up with some avocado and an olive oil, lime dressing.

Or this raw zucchini pad thai based on the one I like to order from Cafe 118. The peanut dressing is incredible and eating this dish is such a treat.

For dessert, I made a spirulina smoothie with grapes, bananas and pears.

The recipe for this smoothie is based on my most favorite bottled drink, Odwalla Superfood.

Speaking of drinks, I visited Homegrown Co-op in Orlando where you can get all manner of dried herbs and spices. I left with a bunch of herbs to make my own iced tea at home. Peppermint, Dandelion Leaf, White Willow Bark and Comfrey Root all went into my brew. This is a very good combination to cleanse the blood and soothe the digestive system. It is also delicious!

So refreshing and medicinal, too!

Several cups a day is a balm to my body and soul.

For an evening snack, I looovve this Raw One Grawnola. It's not cooked and all the nuts and grains are sprouted.

Two Moms in the Raw make an equally outstanding raw granola. Try this with raw almond milk and you will never eat cooked gluten cereal and cow's milk again!

Moving forward in the raw and vegan dessert category, I love to use the Glaser Farms Almond Butter to make milk shakes. Just add water, agave, vanilla and a few teaspoons of this butter and voila!

I must confess that I did not make this amazing chocolate cake and chocolate sauce, myself. I bought it from Cafe 118 in Winter Park, Fl. Yes, it is as tasty as it looks and once again, all raw and vegan!

Oh and here is the raw vanilla ice cream that came with it. Made from cashews, coconuts and other raw goodies.


  1. Odwalla Superfood is great! Did you check out the Vegan directory I mentioned?

  2. Yes, I love Superfood! I haven't checked that out yet, but will do.



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