Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gaia Healing

                                                             artist Josephine Wall

Herbal remedies are age old and our ancestors thrived on them. For many ailments, we can return to these natural healers from mother Earth- experiencing a healing force subtle and harmonious, yet powerful and real. Gaia Herbs are a very potent line of medicinal elixirs which I have found to surpass the efficacy of many other brands. Inside each capsule, there is a liquid herbal solution. Unlike dried pills, the liquid is easily absorbed by our system and the medicinal properties made readily available within our body. The effect of Stress Response is palpable. I take it when I am driving a lot, because this activity tends to overwhelm me.

The Thyroid support is excellent for balancing the thyroid gland naturally whether it is over or under active.

And the Vision Formula is a great way to strengthen the eyes when you are embarking on a natural vision improvement path. The Bates method of improving one's vison, uses eye exercises and gradually reduced lense prescriptions to bring out the inherent visual strength of the eye and the brain.

I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting The Florida School of Holistic Living

And meeting with a master herbalist there. She was outstanding and introduced me further to the healing properties of medicinal herbs and of flower essences. Rescue Remedy is the most popular of the flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach, but there are many more of these amazing remedies. They are are a synergistic blend of the ethereal imprint that flowers make on the water solution in which they are immersed. When we take in these essences, we also take in the positive qualities of the flowers themselves! What a wonderful way to heal. Flowers are so magical and beautiful and the idea of sharing in their essential nature is profound. Look into your emotional, physical and spiritual challenges and then find a flower essence to support your healing in these areas. Here is a wonderful resource-

I was given this special blend of Star of Bethlehelm, mixed on the premises and so far the results have been astounding. I feel the lightness, freedom, joy and beauty of the myriad flowers, right here in my very own being.

After my sublime visit with the Florida School of Holistic Living, I decide to explore other eco businesses in this lovely Orlando community. Around the corner is the Shine On Yoga studio with all manner of classes.

And across the street, after an invigorating Yoga session, you can sample herbal teas blends of every sort from Dandelion Communitea Cafe.

 I love the beautiful door that leads you into this welcoming space full of vegan goodies and spectacular tea.

There are many bulk teas inside, as well, and you can take some home and make up your own blends. I bought this ceramic mortar and pestle from a korean market nearby, for this very purpose.

I love that there is a tiny little used bicycle shop in the back, where you can find good deals on refurbished bikes.

I found an excellent bicycle for my daughter, which we embellished with silver duct tape. My goal is to live a bike-mostly life, devoid of daily car trips.

And to the right of the bike shop there is an acupuncture practice. How perfect is that! Everything one needs for healthy living in one awesome community.

To top of a wonderful day, I was the witness of this exquisite rainbow on the way home.

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