Monday, May 9, 2011

Miracle Cures

For all of my childhood, I suffered from asthma and allergies, but when I stopped eating dairy products and became a vegetarian in college most of  the symptoms vanished. After eating only raw foods during most of my twenties, I experienced a completely allergy-free existence. Lately, however, I've noticed that the deeper I cleanse, the more those symptoms re-surface. I believe it has to do with my reaching previously untouched layers of toxic residue in my body.

I grew up hardly ever drinking water, couldn't stand fruit and ate lots of fried hamburger with American cheese for lunch, macaroni and cheese with fried steak for dinner and large bowls of ice cream for snack before bed. I also had really bad constipation and remember long periods during which I didn't use the loo! So now, here I am face to face with the last remnants of the stuff that never got released from my body and blessedly, I have come upon some miracle-like cures.

For  relief from hay-fever, itchy eyes and general malaise due to a sensitivity to spring pollen, mold spores and what have you, this Sinu-Care has been incredible. You can get rid of the Claritin, this all herbal supplement reduces the inflammation and histamine response and truly soothes and strengthens from the inside out, erasing allergy symptoms. It's based on an ancient Ayurvedic formula and has none of the nasty side effects of over the counter allergy medication.

Another imbalance that I have been steadily curing is in my thyroid gland. For years I have had swelling in this area, cold hands/feet, sensitivity to chemical smells and rapid heartbeat. Most of the Iodine supplements on the market are not easily assimilated by the body and this mineral is crucial for thyroid health and thus, the general strength and harmony of the body. A lot of people have a deficiency here and suffer from the persistent lack of vitality it causes. I love to use Detoxified Iodine which is readily absorbable by our bodies or Iosol for an alcohol-free version. I can feel the boost that it gives my system immediately and my swelling has gone down considerably. Basically, everything that is off-kilter with me health-wise gets righted by this elixir. I take on average 10 drops per day dissolved in water.  It has a magnificent effect on my eyes, teeth, muscle flexibility and state of mind. There is a self-test for finding out if you are deficient in Iodine. You put a few drops on your wrist or ankles and see how long it takes to absorb. If your skin drinks it up in less than an hour, then your body is craving it.

As always, I love to use nature's most simple cures, the ones that come straight from the earth. Organic watermelon is incredible for its ability to revitalize the body by flushing out old toxins. Just imagine, all that water contained in it is pure and free of any chemicals. I like to eat one whole mini watermelon a day when they are in season. They are best eaten on an empty stomach and given an hour to digest before other meals.

If you'd like to try your hand at making your own herbal cures, this Home Herbal  book is a great resource.

I have been making several different tinctures using this guide and the herbs from my little garden.

The miracle of life itself is personified by Easter and my daughter and I honored this beautiful day with a brunch full of life-giving foods. Good, healthy lovingly prepared food is a cure in itself and for this I give daily thanks.

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