Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creative Energy

I love to create things and right now I am in a sort of creative whirlwind. There is this energy moving in and through me that is compelling me to make things. Where in the past if I thought I needed something, I would run to the store and buy it or order it from; now, I delight in finding a way to do it myself - and using elements I already have around the house, no less. I have been having so much fun and become so inspired that I, literally, can't stop creating. The other day, after looking through Whole Living magazine which had a wonderful article on the creator of Farmaesthetics, I was inspired to start making some herbal tinctures.

I looked online for some top brands and then checked out the selection at the health food store. However, something in me kept saying, you can do it yourself, Sia. So, so true. I have tons of dried herbs and loads of pretty glass bottles at home, not to mention tons of creative energy...

I decided to start with White Willow Bark, a great tonic herb and the natural origin of aspirin. Herbal tinctures can be made with alcohol or vinegar. For my first herbal medicinal, I chose Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

The process was really easy and so fulfilling. Basically, you decant the herb in the vinegar. The results were amazing and I have been taking 2 teaspoons daily of this wonderful brew. I also made an herbal bath tea using Espsom Salts, Rose Petals, Lavender, Basil and Mint. You put a bit of the mixture in a cloth towel and tie it with a string, then place it in your tub of hot bath water. Ahhhh.

On a roll, I decided to make some Rose Water which I absolutely love. I usually buy the Heritage Rosewater,

but this time I simply used some dried rose petals from roses I'd bought several months ago and some purified water.

 I mixed them in a glass jar then heated the jar in a double boiler. I let it sit in the sun for about a week and look I what I am blessed with!

It smells so delicious and I just love it. I also made a mint and basil version using dried herbs from my summer gardern and an African Shea Butter cream with Clove essential oil. I even did a small batch of Rose Oil! On all the jars, I put a LOVE label. According to Masaru Emoto in The Hidden Messages in Water, water molecules respond to energy, thoughts, and words. He did an experiment where he said 'I love you' to bottles of water and then looked at the water under an microscope. He found that the 'loved' water had such a beautiful crystalline structure compared to water not so lovingly addressed. This was also true for water in bottles with loving labels. So, I snuggled my jars with a lot of love and set them in the sun. So far, they've been a joy to use on both myself and my daughter.

Next, I ventured into candlemaking. I used 100% pure Soy wax, Lemon essential oil and Rosemary essential oil. My daughter helped and we found the whole experience really exciting. Our dipped candles came out somewhat assymetrical, but with a lot of character and a splendid fragrance!

The pillars came out beautifully and when we lit them, they miraculously burned into a heart shape! I guess all that love really did have an affect!

All this crafting got us pretty hungry and so we came up with a great recipe for a spring Frittata using organic free range eggs, chopped garlic and parsley. We combined all the ingredients and baked it in my favorite iron cast dutch oven. What a delight!

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