Friday, April 8, 2011

Creating Money

Many years ago, I came across an incredibly enlightening book that changed my life. This book, Creating Money by Sanaya Roman, gave me a completely new perspective on money and abundance and how to bring it into my life. Prior to reading it, I believed that dollars and cents had absolute power, in and of themselves, that the only way to have them was to get them from outside of myself and the best way to do this was to struggle and strive and hold on tight. I had no inclination, and no one ever gave me a reason to believe that money has no real value beyond what a culture gives it and that true abundance can only be found within. While reading Creating Money and for a number years afterwards, I let go of so many burdensome notions regarding money and opened up to a whole new relationship with fullness and plenty. 

The basic concept of this book is that money, like all material things, is energy in expression. Spiritual energy to be exact. The author guides you on how to find the source of abundance from within your own being. She speaks about the energy of wealth and how to send this forth into the world, as a way to express material money. There was a particular practice that I absolutely loved, where you visualize the amount of money needed at any given time. Seeing it as clearly as possible, you mentally hold it in your hand. Once you get the clearest image of say $500 in your hand- the crisp bills, the president’s faces, the symbols and numbers- you then transform the picture of the money into energy, into light. The cash in your hand becomes a ball of light, luminous and bright, full of lavender and topaz hues. Then you take your hand, full of light filled abundance and bring it straight to your heart. You then savor the glistening stream of wealth flowing into your being through your heart and illuminating every part of yourself. This practice always proved amazing for me and I unfailingly attracted whatever sum I visualized, into my life within the next few days. And through the most serendipitious circumstances. I found that the key to money was not in obsessing over the form of it, but coming into harmony with the essence of it- the fullness of life within.

Here are some other fun ways to play with money and to realize abundance as something we all possess; truly, a natural expression of our being.  In this, we reclaim our power to be rich inside and therefore, bring rich experiences into our lives. The actual paper money is only relatively of value, so why not make our own and embellish it with the symbols that inspire us. I made this special currency to inspire and enrich me.

The Secret website offer these checks for you to print and fill out, as a way to stretch your idea of how much money can come your way.

And recently, inspired by The Metaphysical Mamas blog, my daughter and I had a money party where we danced around the house with hundreds of dollars and pasted bills on the walls, mirrors, in the cabinets and drawers and then walked around our town and gave out bills to unsuspecting passersby. It was so fun and transformative and as a special treat, abundant blessings of rich supply have been materializing for us tenfold.

For more on this topic go to my book, God Loves Sex and Money ~

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