Wednesday, March 16, 2011

True Sweets

For the Science Fair, my daughter conducted an experiment on what it takes to break down popular candies. We had loads of candy left over from Halloween and this turned out to be a great way to make use of it. She used different liquid solutions and tried to dissolve several candy varieties in them. The results were quite amazing. Would you believe that regular tap water had similar dissolution qualities to hydrogen peroxide. This confirmed how important it is to filter water that comes from the tap. And the so called chocolate withstood even the strongest solutions and remained intact till the end. All in all the candy took ages to dissolve, with the fruit flavored candy leading the pack. Unfortunately, the results did not sway kids at the fair from asking to eat the candy on display. But, it was a fun experience and we sure did learn a lot.

Here are some all natural candies that have no chemical food dyes or preservatives. They are easy on a child’s digestive system and taste good, too. Green & Blacks Chocolate bars are pure and good, just what we want for our little ones.

For fun and healthy snacking, these all natural Chocolate Coins from Trader Joe's are a hit.

Here are some truly sweet gum drops from Tree Hugger any child would enjoy.

And how about an Organic lollipop from Yummy Earth, instead of the standard sugary, red-dyed #40 version.

I found some wonderful all natural Candy Canes during the holidays and as you can see they were very much loved.

These Ginger Candies are good for them to suck on, especially on long drives.

Or better still, some Just Strawberries! They really taste like little melt in your mouth strawberry dew drops.

There are so many options and no good reason to let the little one's eat sugar, chemicals, dyes and what have you, packaged in bright colors. And while we're on the subject of treats for children, let's take a step beyond candy. Many healthy treats can delight a child just as much as those snicker bars and skittles. Like homemade air-popped Organic Popcorn! You can add a bit of Pure Organic Agave, Organic Olive Oil and Seasalt for your own signature batch of kettle corn.

Don't rule out these cute little Organic Apple Sauce cups from Earth's Best Kidz. They are sweet, charming and nutritious. All the qualities a real treat should have.

But, if you are looking for a true sweet fit for a child, nothing beats good old-fashioned fruit. Put a huge bowl of organic delights made by nature on the table and let them eat their fill.


  1. really cool experiment! I never even thought of that, and I don't think there's anything in the world that can convince any 10year old not to eat candy, lol. Yej did the ol' coin battery thing, which worked sometimes and sometimes not, lol

  2. Yes, it's so true. Ndali wanted to eat the candy off the exhibit after the Science Fair!



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