Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Affirmations: Song of the Spirit

When I was newly graduated from college and living in Guadalajara, Mexico with my then fiancĂ©, I stumbled upon a book that changed the course of my life. 

This book, The Dynamic Laws of Prayer, by Catherine Ponder had such a profound affect on me that even now I can call to memory whole passages from its pages. The allure of the message, for me, was the simple and basic truths that Ponder expounded upon and the practical method she gave on how the reader could apply these truths. She talks about the faith that Jesus had in the power of God and the path we can take to develop this kind of faith. Throughout the book, she gives these wonderful affirmations which I inscribed in a special journal and read to myself whenever I encountered stressful life situations. These affirmations carried me through and uplifted me out of many a challenge and difficulty.

After deciding we didn’t want to live in Mexico any longer and returning to the U.S. to find our way, these affirmations became a daily practice for me to re-orient my mind from habitual negative and fearful thinking. I would like to share with you some of the key ones that transformed my life. Here they are highlighted in bold.

Divine Love for-sees everything and richly provides for everything. The perfect results of Divine Love appear now.  This particular one was beneficial as I rode the A train to JFK to meet my love after a six-month break-up only to find him full of love and a marriage proposal!

God is the source of my supply. So many times I have had amazing financial opportunities simply drop into my lap after affirming this truth over and over.

I will not give up. I shall not give in. I will continue with my prosperous thinking until all the good appears in my life now. When I missed my Eurostar train which would take me to Paris for my flight back home, I approached the ticket desk calmly and she peered at me with my toddler in tow and offered us a free ride in first class of the next express train. All the while that I was racing to make the train, I had this truth in mind.

A good thing is getting better and better. When on another trip to Mexico, this time by car, and Baja patrolmen stopped us half-way down the peninsula asking for a visa that we didn’t know we needed. I focused on how wonderful and smooth the trip had been so far and voila, the Mexican officers let us go with a warning and temporary visas.

The rich substance of the universe supplies my every need. When I was giving birth to my daughter at home and entering the worst phase of my contractions, I affirmed this continually and 8 hours later had a healthy baby!

No person or thing can keep me from that which God has for me today. This one helped me as I walked into Ford Models NY with no appointment and no referral and proceeded to bump into the head runway booker and immediately signed and sent out for NY fashion week shows. There have been so many other instances where affirming positively has literally created miracles in my life. I even went through a period where I forgot to focus on positive thinking and succumbed to negative and fearful ways of looking at the world. That period in my life was by far the hardest and saddest. Now, it has become a habit of mind for me to think positively and I affirm almost automatically when things goes awry. And what I have discovered is that life has begun to affirm back to me all the truths that I've been reciting over the years. Without my even thinking them consciously, these affirmations have come alive in me and in my life!

These beautiful affirmation cards shown throughout are from a deck by Louise Hay, another incredible author on the power of positive thinking and how it can link us into the mind of God and hence improve our life experience. 


  1. It is so beutiful reading something like this post. THANKS, indeed.

  2. You are so welcome! It is truly my pleasure!



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