Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bending Reality

Your ability to reshape your known reality by exiting it and entering into the timeless/spaceless dimension of divine Love consciousness is limitless. In order to bend reality as so many sages of old as well as current day teachers practice, you must simply let go of identification with your body, your possessions and the material world around you. Go to a quiet place and surrender all thoughts to one third eye opening mantra such as, "There is nothing but God."

Begin to breathe into this mantra, knowing God as Love and allowing this high, light frequency to take over your being. Dwell in this beautiful understanding until it becomes you and therefore you become as God. When you reach this state of communion, all appearances and mental knowledge about your reality will dissolve. You will find yourself, outside of time and beyond space. Here you can create easily every good and perfect thing. You can shape and design the highest and best life according to your greatest ideals. Enjoy this level of transcendence daily and your life will blossom as the rose~

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