Monday, March 14, 2016

Organic Lagos

Lagos is brimming with new natural organic products and services! Nuli juice is now stocking daily at Aima's Organic Box in 1004 Estates and Simply Green Kuices is following suit.

All this organic goodness is delighting Lagosians offering them an array of choices in the natural health department. 

Lagos Cold Pressed is joining in on the raw juicing frenzy, and so basically you won't go thirsty for pure elixirs in Naija today.

Nor will you go hungry in Gidi for organic edibles. Raw nut butters anyone?

How about cold pressed palm oil for all your soup and stew requirements?

As you can see, a natural food loving Lagosian can't go wrong when out about on V.I. scoping for organic eats! Power to the Local~

1 comment:

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