Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tarot on the Beach

Tarot and the ocean go hand in hand. The simple serenity of the seashore and the dynamic archetypes of the Tarot enhance and inspire each other. On this bright day enjoying Oceanview beach, I pulled three major arcana cards from the Wild Unknown deck.

First, The Fool: An innocent one approaching the field of infinite possibilities. A unique soul who risks all in order to fully embrace life, to experience all the magnificence that living has to offer. This sweet, sometimes foolhardy creature steps out on faith, lives by grace and in so doing embarks upon a hero's journey filled with adventure and excitement. For the Fool, life is no dull moment. 

Second, The Lovers: Two joined in holy love, soaring together to the depths and hieghts of communion and integration with another soul. Mates for life for whom nothing can cause separation, joined as they are in spirit. These two complement one another and exists in tandem, they communicate telepathically, transform during sexual union into one being, and together reach spiritual dimensions far and beyond what is acheivable alone. 

Lastly, The Magician: That master who wields power thorugh attunement with all 4 elements and therefore steps through the Divine portal. With a synergy of water that flows, fire that alights, air that inspires and earth that steadies, the Magi overcomes every worldly obstacle easily and thus, knows no bounds, no limitations and no lack. 

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