Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Third Eye

The third eye, a meta organ located in the area of the pineal gland, is dormant in most due to our modern day focus on the material and physical as primary modes of being. Philosophers have long described the pineal gland in esoteric ways, the seat of the soul according to Descartes. Unfortunately for many of us, this mystical gland is of little use due to the calcifying effects of the standard diet, lifestyle and state of mind. The ancient Egyptians realized the significance of the third eye as a gateway to higher consciousness and perhaps, used this mystical mechanism to build the pyramids. If it is true that we have a sixth sense which bridges the mind, body and spirit, a visioning faculty with the power to align with Divine creative principle; why aren't we in tune with it?

We know that physically the pineal gland is a vital organ for producing the hormones, serotonin and melatonin. These hormones are essential in our experiencing restful sleep and positive emotions. But what can accessing the portal beyond the tangible organ do for our spiritual growth and path to enlightenment? In Egyptian mythology, the eye was understood as active in the seeing process. As opposed to a passive receptive organ, the eye was believed to be a participant in what was seen. This myth alludes to our power to shape our life experiences through how and what we give forth from our inner vision. Imagine sending directive energy through the third eye out into the world for healing, upliftment and rejuvenation.

In Taoist tradition the sound of Om is associated with the third eye and initiates are encouraged to chant this mantra while focusing on the mid point between the eyes. In Christian mystical lore, the attunement to the third eye is likened to having "the mind of Christ" - a state of mind whereby everything is harmonized and elevated to a sublime, perfect synergy. The unified consciousness represented by our third eye may just be the path necessary for the restoration of humanity's lost communion with the Divine.

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Here is a video meditation to stimulate your third eye~

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