Saturday, September 15, 2012


The classic home of the hippies, Woodstock, NY, is still, after all these years, a very unique and progressive place.

Coming here, you instantly notice that the vibe is decidlely laid back, inclusive and earthy. There are woods everywhere and most homes are owner-built, rustic and nestled amongst trees, flowers and wildlife. Coyotes are a common visitor to most people's yards and you can actually swim in the numerous waterfalls and ponds about town.

Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of vegetarian restaurants, health food stores and new age shops in town. An aspiring hippie can find just about anything their open heart desires. From raw goodies at Sun Flower Natural Foods,

To Rumi love poem collections at Mirabai Bookstore,

And don't forget the freshly picked organic strawberries at Sunfrost Farms.

One of the coolest places for me in Woodstock is the Press and Blend organic café where delicious coconut water and coconut milk are readily available.

Wandering around is a joy in Woodstock, as there are so many eclectic places to see and experience.

Peace love and Cupcakes is just what it sounds like it is, a haven for adorable little healthy and vegan cupcakes.

Yum Yum Noodle Bar is a noodle-lovers heaven and the grilled salmon with curried udon is so fresh, it melts in your mouth. Try it with the raw kale salad!


Oh, and definitely check out the public library, which offers a lot of obscure spiritual books that most libraries don’t carry. Such a regal building, befitting a house filled with the literary gems inside.

If by chance you can't find the book you're looking for there, then try the Golden Notebook, just around the corner from Turquoise Alley.

For dinner, head over to the NWHC Café for a great organic meal, where most everything is local and so super fresh.

The ambiance is nice too, both inside and out.

If you are lucky enough to find an available house to rent, take it! Especially if it is surroundied by trees in a garden of wild flowers.

Or if it's blue.

Or if it's both!

A place that must be added to your bucket list, Woodstock brings out the sentimental side in most.

So, if you decide to stay and buy your own property in hippieville. Go here first and they will help you.

Or here.

And don't be fooled by appearances! In Woodstock size matters way less than substance.



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