Sunday, January 15, 2017


The Danish concept of Hygge (hue gah) relates to the practice of finding genuine satisfaction in the simple pleasure of home, hearth and family.


It is the being at peace with whatever comforts appear before you and relishing in the myriad ways one can appreciate a warm fire, a cozy hug or a meal cooked with love.

Hygge is my New Year's resolution and I intend to make home life the center of my activity. From the comfortable base of home I will reach out to the world with healing service and work. 


I charge you to find ways to express this simple principle in your own life. Bring a little Hygge into your space this year and see how it transforms you, your relationships and your health~

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bending Reality

Your ability to reshape your known reality by exiting it and entering into the timeless/spaceless dimension of divine Love consciousness is limitless. In order to bend reality as so many sages of old as well as current day teachers practice, you must simply let go of identification with your body, your possessions and the material world around you. Go to a quiet place and surrender all thoughts to one third eye opening mantra such as, "There is nothing but God."

Begin to breathe into this mantra, knowing God as Love and allowing this high, light frequency to take over your being. Dwell in this beautiful understanding until it becomes you and therefore you become as God. When you reach this state of communion, all appearances and mental knowledge about your reality will dissolve. You will find yourself, outside of time and beyond space. Here you can create easily every good and perfect thing. You can shape and design the highest and best life according to your greatest ideals. Enjoy this level of transcendence daily and your life will blossom as the rose~

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Manifestation: A Walk in Hyde Park

You can have whatever you want, any good thing that your heart desires; you only need to believe. Like a flower seed that hasn't yet sprouted, the dreams you nurse take root and bear fruit to the degree that you water them with good measure and faith.

Be steadfast on your path even when the skies are grey, because you well know that as the rain pours, so will the flowers sprout. Choose a small thing today that you truly wish for and hold it in your mind's eye as an already established fact. Go about your day as a charmed receiver knowing the best is on its way to you, in rich and perfect form.

You're a winner every time. Nam Myoko Renghe Kyo!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yoga Blows the Mind

Flexing into the splits during my yoga practice today, I came to realize that this exercise is not just a physical one, but a psychological and spiritual one as well. Stretching your body requires flexibility of mind and demands that you open and free all the channels within you that may be blocked with rigid beliefs.

Rigid ideas of what's possible and acceptable and okay can prevent us from not only expanding our mind to infinite dimensions, but flexing our muscles, tissues and bones in new and expansive ways. It is vital during yoga to free your mind, to relax your standards and assumptions, and to feel into novel ways of being. 

In order to do the splits, to extend our limbs to the highest degree, a liberation must occur in our minds and hearts. We have to set ourselves upon a higher vantage point to allow the body to transcend barriers of space and time and fixed posture. Yes, we must in yoga lean into infinity and in so doing stretch beyond our perceived physical limitations. 

In your practice today, permit your mind to wander away from its ego occupations. Just allow your body to melt into the poses. Give it no false boundaries and expectations and watch as it bends and folds with ease, splitting and opening on a cellular level to regenerate and restore the eternal nature of your being. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Love is Alkaline

Pure unconditional love has the effect of being alkaline for the body. It is detoxifying, purifying and invigorating. When we immerse one another in a fllood of living light we help to heal not only the spirit, but the mind and body as well. 

Likewise, surrounding ourselves with loving energy dissipates dis-ease and clears toxic residue from our system. Next time you're feeling physically drained take a few moments to hug yourself, say "I love you" several times and imagine kisses of sweet light embracing each of your cells. You will be amazed at the healing results. Love heals~

Friday, September 2, 2016

Casablanca Blue

Rose petals abound in the luxurious seaside haven that is Casablanca, Morrocco. The souks are wonderful places to discover exotic wares and enjoy mesmerizing colors and scents.

I am truly in love with morrocan style and will be coming here over and over again to experience this alluring North African atmosphere.

Royal Air Maroc does its job well and I was quite impressed with the attention to detail and exquisite on board service. Other African airlines can certainly watch, learn and follow suit.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hot Yoga Lagos

We are doing Hot Yoga at sunset in the Aima's Organic Box healing courtyard. Please come by after work and join us in relaxing, healing, toning yoga poses to strengthen your mind, body and soul. 


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