Saturday, April 15, 2017

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sagrada Familia

The spectacular grace of Gaudi and his surreal artistry is the sole reason for my love of Barcelona.

The Sacred Family Iglesia is astoudning in its magnitude and beauty and makes for an enchanting experience pre-sunset.

The colors. The silence. The wonder of such a creation begun over 100 years agos. This is La Sagrada Familia.

I am in awe of the perfect alignment of the structure and humbled by the often overlooked brilliance of humanity in expressing God.

Devotion to divine Truth can stir the heart deeply and enable one to master seemingly formidable tasks.

The church external is always but a symbol of the sacred space within. Massive edifices no matter how illustrious can never approach the grand infinite in each of us. 

Gaudi was truly a genius and I am spurred on in my own art to be bolder, grander, fearless.

Everywhere in Barcelona his influence can be felt and there is such a creative phenomenon at play.

Come to Barcelona, this eclectic city in Spain and bring your journal, your sketchbook, your open heart. The streets are paved with color, energy and verve.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fire Cider

Drink this healing elixir. 

For colds, flu, headaches, tummy aches, nausea and pain. Fire Cider is a cure all for this body of ours.

So easy to prepare at home with apple cider vinegar, garlic, onions, hot peppers, herbs, lemons and honey, you never have to go without. 

An essential remedy for the home apothecary, light up your life with this furry cider.

Brew up some of this liquid love to heal your family and soothe your self. A remedy that's stood the test of time, we all need a little fire to charge our chi naturally. 


A glorious town abundant with pleasures, Malaga is.

Art, nature and the sea at your fingertips.

At every turn one finds some wonder, some simple joy. 

The colors, the light, the aromas of Spanish cuisine all serve to entice to en-trance.

A golden hue transforms every form.

And flowers spill forth like waves.

The blue of the sky casts an otherworldly benevolent glow upon the place.

And the ancient stone-masonry architectural style transports travelers back in time.

Alive with modern indulgences too, La Malagueta is a global adventurer's paradise.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Mijas my love. My dear pueblo magico. So filled with sublime pleasures, you are a balm to the soul. Opening up your light soaked view to embrace weary travelers on their journey. 

I adore your purity, your grace, your essence, mi Mijas, my love. 

Yours is a radiant gleaming edifice upon a fecund, fertile land. I salute you my dear perfect place.

With your tiny lanes leading to nowhere and everywhere, I skip along the pathways of white brick and cobblestone, immersed in the simple joy of being.

This little magic spot on earth that you are is my wishing well. I send out a call from here to everywhere: Be your magic self!

Be outstanding naturally!

Be glorious with ease!

Be beautiful and free!

Let your mystery unfold slowly and gracefully for all seekers to behold.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


The Danish concept of Hygge (hue gah) relates to the practice of finding genuine satisfaction in the simple pleasure of home, hearth and family.


It is the being at peace with whatever comforts appear before you and relishing in the myriad ways one can appreciate a warm fire, a cozy hug or a meal cooked with love.

Hygge is my New Year's resolution and I intend to make home life the center of my activity. From the comfortable base of home I will reach out to the world with healing service and work. 


I charge you to find ways to express this simple principle in your own life. Bring a little Hygge into your space this year and see how it transforms you, your relationships and your health~

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bending Reality

Your ability to reshape your known reality by exiting it and entering into the timeless/spaceless dimension of divine Love consciousness is limitless. In order to bend reality as so many sages of old as well as current day teachers practice, you must simply let go of identification with your body, your possessions and the material world around you. Go to a quiet place and surrender all thoughts to one third eye opening mantra such as, "There is nothing but God."

Begin to breathe into this mantra, knowing God as Love and allowing this high, light frequency to take over your being. Dwell in this beautiful understanding until it becomes you and therefore you become as God. When you reach this state of communion, all appearances and mental knowledge about your reality will dissolve. You will find yourself, outside of time and beyond space. Here you can create easily every good and perfect thing. You can shape and design the highest and best life according to your greatest ideals. Enjoy this level of transcendence daily and your life will blossom as the rose~


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